January 04, 2021

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DOE - Firefighters, first responders, utility workers, safety officials and building managers all play an important role in assuring building safety and responding in case of an incident.
Yale Climate Connections - When customers reduce demand for electricity, utilities can avoid turning on polluting backup power plants.
KSBY - The City of San Luis Obispo is being awarded a 2020 Climate Protection Award for its community climate action accomplishments. Local leaders recently developed the Clean Energy Choice Program for New Buildings, a program that encourages clean, efficient and cost-effective all-electric buildings.
Times of San Diego - With the prospect of widespread vaccination on the horizon, private employers, local governments, urban planners and state officials are reluctantly playing the role of housing crisis Nostradamus: Is what we’re seeing in 2020 an aberration or a new normal?

National News 

Between economic stimulus efforts and post-election transitions, there is a great deal of movement at the federal level that can impact local governments. The Best Practices Coodinator will curate this temporary segment to help local government practitioners quickly keep up to date on relevant national news related to clean energy and climate change. 
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Top Resources

  1. SEEC 2020 California Energy Laws (SEEC)
  2. COGs as a Key Conduit to Public Sector Efficiency Success (BPC)
  3. Best Practices Database (BPC)
  4. Technical Assistance Directory (BPC)
  5. Better Buildings Financing Navigator (DOE)
  6. BPC Webinar Recording: How Disadvantaged Communities Can Take Advantage of Dedicated Energy and Climate Opportunities  (SEEC)
  7. Sustainability Best Practices During the COVID-19 Crisis  (ILG)
  8. Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Guidance (BPC)
  9. Issue Brief: Local Natural Gas Emission Reduction Options (BPC)
  10. Best Practices for Virtual Engagement (LGC)
  11. Energy Efficiency Funding Opportunities (SEEC)

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