July 22, 2019
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An indoor cultivation area for a licensed medical marijuana processor and grower. - The Oregonian
Oregon and other states fail to require energy efficiency rules for legal pot grows
Berkeley LabAmong the 11 states to permit recreational use of cannabis, only Massachusetts and now Illinois, have included energy-efficiency standards for indoor cultivation, a practice that requires nearly nonstop use of lights and various heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
CEC - Building energy efficiency standards have been vital in California’s march toward its clean energy and decarbonization goals. New buildings already perform at a very high level, but decarbonizing fully will require a strong emphasis on collaboration, said California Energy Commissioner Andrew McAllister.
DWM - A new breed of highly efficient triple-pane windows is drawing the attention of residential builders, who are interested in installing the products in the homes they construct as they pursue means for reducing energy consumption.
Sustainable Brands - How can organizations maximize energy efficiency across entire portfolios in a way that is, well, efficient? The ones that surge ahead tend to share a set of approaches that encourage stakeholder buy-in, provide sustainable financial support and ensure positive outcomes across all sites.

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