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 October 14, 2019

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Don't leave low-income families behind in CA's climate fight
Utility Dive - Nearly 40% of Californians qualify as low-income. These residents are the most likely to suffer from harmful air quality and the disproportionate impacts of climate change. Critically, this includes the state's efforts to boost energy-saving retrofits of low-income buildings, such as through efficient lighting, improved insulation of walls, and new heating and air conditioning systems.
Zero Code - To generate a building’s estimated energy consumption, and the renewable energy required to meet the ZERO Code for California, first elect the pathway for meeting 2019 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) – prescriptive or performance – and then enter information about your building and any on-site solar PV system(s).
Patch - By acting to save and use energy more efficiently, small-business owners can boost more than just their bottom line. Being energy efficient in the workplace will increase productivity and help keep California golden for generations to come.
Yale Climate Connections -  The program has paid for weatherization, energy-efficient heating systems, and other projects in the Finger Lakes region of New York.
Trade Pro Connect
TradePro Connect establishes a marketplace for customers, manufacturers, distributors and contractors to find the best-in-class products, qualified service providers, and the resources needed to scale adoption of DERs in pursuit of California’s clean energy goals. As a special introductory offer, each new customer who enrolls on the platform is eligible for up to 4 free thermostats while supplies last – with a value up $1,200 value, $300/thermostat. Act fast and contact us at or call 510-852-8481 for details on this offer and how this project can be 100% paid for through on bill financing or Auto-DR enrollment. Get started today at

Survey Request: Local Public Agency Climate Capacity Survey
LGC - Local governments are invited to participate in a study of local agencies’ climate action capacity. This study will assist the Local Government Commission (LGC) to better understand how climate programs and projects might be helping to build public agency capacities in various ways and what kind of capacity building goals public agencies might have for their work moving forward.

Top Resources

  1. California Building Energy Benchmarking Public Disclosure Dashboard (CEC)
  2. The Age of the Smart Home Guide (AM Conservation Group)
  3. Public Health Benefits per kWh of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the United States: A Technical Report (US EPA)
  4. Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum Presentations (SEEC)
  5. An Incandescent Truth: Disparities in Energy-Efficient Lighting Availability and Prices in an Urban U.S. County (Applied Energy)
  6. Energy Efficiency Funding Opportunities (SEEC)
  7. Through the Local Government Lens: Developing the Energy Efficiency Workforce (ACEEE)

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