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It has been another extremely dry summer in most areas. We have customers with irrigators, but no help from above, who are fairly happy with yield potential. 

In January the annual Precision Planting Winter Conference was on in the US and it was great to see new developments with Smartfirmer, mSet (a multi hybrid upgrade option), SeederForce (hydraulic downforce for John Deere single disc seeders with monitoring for all air seeders an option) and the new Generation 3 20/20. At the moment, all are available in limited supply, but should be more readily available in our planting window.
Precision Planting Winter Conference: Justin Kauffman opening the show
We’re currently busy getting organised with new orders for this season, and finalising testing with some improvements for the upcoming season. We have the ability to test and calibrate meters at all of our locations and would really like anyone running eSet kits who haven’t had them checked for a couple of seasons, to give us a call so we can get them up to speed and ensuring you have a trouble free run. There are a few wearing parts that must be checked after a number of hectares otherwise a sub-standard metering job is almost garanteed. We can test for a fairly cost affective price at our sheds this time of year; we want to get your planter up to speed, so give us a call early in the season. 
We are excited to roll out our new support ticketing system, AgriSync, that will let us service you in a more timely manner as well as keep you informed on important tips that can help you in the planting season. Please see further on in the newsletter for more info on AgriSync.  

We have a study trip planned to America in mid July, this will be a trip full of learning from the best and we have some fun planned around it as well. There are limited seats available for this hands-on trip, please see further on in the newsletter for more details on what we’ll be doing in the US.

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PS. Please note that for ease of use, our website and email addresses have changed. We can now be found online at and emails are listed at the end of this newsletter. 
13th July to 24th July 2018
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This year we will be undertaking a study tour to America and having 11 days of on the ground learning. This opportunity will allow one on one access to the world’s best researchers and facilities. The trip will include the following:
  • A visit to the Precision Technology Institute in Pontiac, Illinois. This is a 200 acre site focusing on research and trials, and as the first crops planted here will be in the US spring, we’re heading over at the right time to gain a solid learning experience and allowing an in-depth study into planter performance and how seeds grow. The farm allows visitors to personally test the Precision Planting products.
  • A visit to the Precision Planting headquarters and Warehouse Distribution Center in Tremont, Illinois. This is where we, as Precision Planting dealers and also our service partners, undergo our training.
  • A visit to the 360 Yield Center in Morton, Illinois. Here you will meet founder of both Precision Planting and the 360 Yield Center, Gregg Sauder. He says that “the greatest feeling in the world for me is when I know that I’ve helped increase a farm family’s yield, which in turn increased their net profit” due to lower input costs.
  • Farm visits in the South (Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi) where Precision Planting products are incorporated.
  • A visit to Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Located in the oldest neighbourhood of the French Quarter, it provides a historical insight into New Orleans’ past. This will round our trip out, before flying home again. 
While the final touches (and therefore the cost) are being fine-tuned, we welcome those who may be interested in coming along to get in touch with David and put your name down, as there are limited seats available. It's a fantastic opportunity, so don't miss out!
Enhanced Troubleshooting
We’re excited to be introducing some new technology to help with requests for troubleshooting any problems with your products. AgriSync has been developed for easier collaboration between advisors and farmers when on-farm help isn’t possible straight away.

The idea behind it is that we, Precision Seeding Solutions, invite you, the farmer, to join AgriSync through the app. Once joined, if you have an issue, you can request assistance by submitting a ticket with a description and any photos or videos that may help us to solve the problem externally.

We can then commence the ‘live chat’ function whereby we can see what you can see through your phone’s camera and also take photos during this chat to further assist in achieving an outcome.

This is a FREE app for farmers to use and will be particularly useful when we may not be able to get on-farm immediately if you have any issues with your equipment. If you would like further details on how this app works please visit the AgriSync site or call Precision Seeding Solutions. 

We will get info out to you soon on how to get your link, however, if you think we may not have your mobile number or you don’t receive a joining request from us over the coming months, please contact us so we can get you hooked up. Thanks for staying tuned to get the best from your planter.
A word from Zane Hood 
A CQ Update
A short note from the CQ area. We have had a lot of interest in the Dysart area, and in particular with the new vApply system. From all reports, the customers are very happy with the performance and ease of use. As a whole, the CQ area has largely had a late season, with a lot of customers not having enough moisture to plant a summer crop. We are very happy to announce that we have a new customer using Precision Planting equipment on a two row planter for Leucaena with great success.

Casey and I are really looking forward to additional training this year. We will be at Ag-Grow in Emerald and the Cotton Conference on the Gold Coast; we're looking forward to catching up with some old and new customers.

We'd love for the seasons to improve a little to be able to really showcase some of the precision systems such as DeltaForce and vApply. Casey and I would really love to see a multi hybrid system in the CQ area; this I believe would be a game changer for us in farming.

Happy Farming, and we look forward to better seasons around the corner.

Regards, Zane Hood
Good corn emergence, with Precision Planting equipment used (vSet/DeltaForce)
Image credit: Twitter @vbgregg1 ('Kolora', Dysart, Qld)
An update on vApply
Confidence with application 
Following on from the last newsletter and the piece on vApply, we thought we'd look at whether farmers' expectations were met.

Brian Gregg ('Kolora', Dysart) says that prior to getting the modules, he was looking for an easy to use and accurate liquid system. After recently planting 1000 hectares of sorghum and 220 hectares of corn, the right amount of fertiliser was used in the trial strips thanks to the vApply modules, and he can see an increase in biomass; until harvest, the actual yield increase is still an unknown. The plug and play install reduced any dramas during setup and in particular, once they understood the 20/20 setup, it was good to operate and easy to do rate changes. Brian says the fact there were no blockages during use was another advantage.
Sorghum planted at 'Kolora', east of Dysart in Central Queensland.
Shane Murphy ('Cosmos', Dysart) is another new user of the vApply liquid system. He recently planted 600 hectares of sorghum with his Excel Stubble Warrior planter (with SP200 planting units) and he was hoping for a quicker emergence of plants, better crop establishment, and of course, ease of application. Shane says they had a near perfect rate of control and a certain ease of application. Similar to Brian, he admits that at the present stage of the crop it's still hard to gauge what the yield will be. Due to the Precision Planting equipment always being simple and effective, Shane wasn't surprised at its user friendly installation and application. 

For more information on vApply contact David on 0447 442 136 or your local service partner.
Come along to the following locations and have a chat about what PSS can do for you!

FarmFest, Toowoomba Qld -- 5th to 7th June 2018
Ag-Grow, Emerald Qld -- 28th to 30th June 2018
2018 Cotton Conference, Gold Coast Qld -- 7th to 9th August 2018
AgQuip, Gunnedah NSW -- 21st to 23rd August 2018
8067 Bundella Road
Premer, NSW, 2381
David McGavin 0447 442 136 - - Service & Sales 
Lauren McGavin 0417 341 674 - - Accounts & Ordering
0447 442 146 - Sales
0455 442 289 - Service
Based on the Liverpool Plains of northern New South Wales, Precision Seeding Solutions services the East Coast of Australia with help from our independent service partners. We have all undergone the required training to become Precision Planting Premier Dealers. Contact any of us today to enquire about what Precision Seeding Solutions can do to improve your farming operations.
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