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Thanks to everyone who has been involved with us not only this year, but over the last five years. We’ve enjoyed working with you and seeing the benefits of the equipment you have installed. 
PSS have had another busy year with a large increase in our customer base; we’ve implemented some new systems that are helping us as we grow, to ensure we keep up to your expectations. Our parts stock and stock in different locations continues to grow to a point where we can have availability to all of our customers in a short timeframe if needed, including having full control/monitoring systems at every location to ensure down time is limited in a breakdown. 
Our representatives have embraced the knowledge and learning required in order to confidently answer most faults that occur. This is extremely pleasing to us and as we continue on, we’ll always strive to improve and ensure your experience with us is good.
We were excited to hear Precision Planting was acquired by the AGCO corporation, and will still maintain its independent company profile. As in the past, we will continue to grow alongside Precision Planting in order to give you access to some of the most exciting innovations in planting technology. We’re excited about the upcoming Precision Planting conference in America where I’ve heard four new products will be shown. As usual, all will be retrofittable and if you have existing Precision monitoring it will be completely compatible with current harnessing.
In November, I attended AGRITECHNICA in Germany where I was able to look at and talk to a lot of manufacturers. It’s great to see Precision Planting products are in a space where they’re at the top of their game and have no intention to rest on current developments; at any one time, there are around 30 innovations in the pipeline with the most important yield-increasing products being worked on first.
We look forward to 2018 where we, as a group of friends, have some ideas that will be implemented to give you support at your fingertips in a timely manner, as well as offering some new service tools ensuring you’ll continue to have an enjoyable planting experience. Our mission is to have all of our customers satisfied and to continue to improve so you, our customers and friends, continue to grow your yields as we grow our business. 
We hope you have an enjoyable and safe Christmas and look forward to speaking with you soon. Your feedback is always appreciated and noted - thank you.
David and Lauren McGavin 

The next generation getting some tips: Jack & David McGavin
A cost saving & accurate liquid system
vApplyHD is a liquid system that has been developed by Precision Planting, in order for on-row liquid fertiliser rates to be metered out accurately, no matter the speed of the planter or whether you’re applying low pop-up / high side-dress rates. The benefits of row-by-row prescriptions, individual row swath control, turn compensation, automatic flow measurement and control, all add up to be both a cost-effective and time-saving liquid system module.
Garry O’Gorman farms on ‘Yule Park’, which is north-west of Mullaley, in the Liverpool Plains region of New South Wales. When the O’Gorman’s made the decision to use liquid fertilisers, the vApply module was recommended by David from PSS. And so, when they purchased a Boss end-tow planter with DX50 double disc units, the vApply liquid system was also set up. To date, 375 hectares of cotton has been planted at 'Yule Park', which has mainly self-mulching black soil, and Garry says that moving from paddock to paddock is now easier, as this liquid fertiliser system saves them from needing to tow an air cart. Also, the ability to use low rates, and therefore no mixing with water, means fewer stops. As all farmers know, if the planting window is small or you’re chasing your tail to get the planting finished, the less time spent pulled up in the paddock is a huge benefit.  
Brian Gregg at ‘Kolora’, east of Dysart in central Queensland, says he wanted a liquid system on their summer planter (an Excel Stubble Warrior with SP200 double disc units) and the ease of the vApply fitting into what they already have (Precision Planting equipment) was a great benefit. The excellent after-sales service from PSS and the good reviews coming out of America about the use of this liquid system were also added incentives for the Gregg’s to start using vApply.
If you are looking for an accurate and cost-effective liquid system, and believe the vApply module (which is easy to install and use) would be of benefit to your planting operations, please contact David at Precision Seeding Solutions on 0447 442 136 today.
The season been for Griffith and Southern New South Wales:
Update from Aaron Fitzpatrick
Cotton planting started mid-September in the southern valley. With dry conditions, growers watered up when the temperature warmed up. 
Back to back cotton at Whitton, NSW
We have also seen corn, sorghum, soya bean and sunflowers being planted with Precision Planting products. vDrive Insecticide has worked great for the customers who upgraded to it; whether Smart Box or Lock N Load they're very happy with the accuracy of the system. 

A few growers planted canola crops with their vSet meters this winter.
One grower was Commins Enterprises from Whitton, NSW. This was a Clearfield seed crop planted into cotton stubble. Planted at 2kg/ha on 36 inch row spacing. 
Rhys Thomason: Commins Enterprises,
Whitton, NSW
The upcoming season in Queensland:
Update from Marshall Rasmussen

In Southern Queensland, the early summer plant is done and dusted with the majority of farmers planting cotton and sorghum, and a small amount of farmers planting early corn. It has been another tough start unfortunately, due to lack of rain and little sub soil moisture.

Locally, seven new 20/20 systems were in the field during planting; 2 RBE planters, 3 Boss planters and 2 Excel planters had retrofit kits installed. It was the first plant with DeltaForce installed on a Boss DX50 Row Unit with Warakirri Cropping’s ‘Myola’ purchasing a new 16 row 12m Boss linkage bar set up on 750mm row spacings.

We’ve had many on-farm trials, ranging from row spacings, planting rates, down force trials, closing wheels and running SpeedTube in cotton and sorghum. It will be great to monitor the progress of these trials through the growing season and to see the final results.
Come along to the following locations and have a chat about what PSS can do for you!

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2018 Cotton Conference, Gold Coast Qld -- 7th to 9th August 2018
AqQuip, Gunnedah NSW -- 21st to 23rd August 2018
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Based on the Liverpool Plains of northern New South Wales, Precision Seeding Solutions services the East Coast of Australia with help from our independent service partners. We have all undergone the required training to become Precision Planting Premier Dealers. Contact any of us today to enquire about what Precision Seeding Solutions can do to improve your farming operations.
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