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Well not much has changed in regards to the weather since our last newsletter. It is still extremely dry, but planting has commenced and finished in most regions with the odd dryland customer still holding out and waiting for the rains to come! Here’s hoping it is going to be a wet summer.
Earlier this season we had a great trip to America (more below). It was our first study trip with positive feedback from customers. We were one of the first groups through the Precision Technology Institute farm at Pontiac, IL, which was a great privilege, and where we discovered a huge amount of effort is put into testing equipment. Our action packed trip meant little time to rest and we saw a large amount of the country including Illinois, Texas and the southern regions. The generosity of not only Precision Planting but also a number of farmers in these areas meant we were able to enjoy our time speaking with them and understanding that they all have their own share of different problems they're trying to deal with.
We are currently looking ahead to organise next season's study tour (2019) which will have a focus on row cropping with corn, cotton, and also country music playing a big part of the trip.  As we saw this year with 25 people, a smaller group number works best and so we will have limited seats available.  If you're interested please reach out by giving us a call on 0417341674 or email
Kind Regards
In July, 25 keen customers and dealers came with us on our first study tour to America where we had one on one access to the world’s best researchers and facilities. 

At the Precision Technology Institute in Pontiac, Illinois, we heard some great talks and gained some fantastic information about high speed planting, CleanSweep, DownForce and SmartFirmer. 
We stayed on site at the Precision Technology Institute.
This is the view from our rooms.
In Morton, Illinois, Greg Sauder (the original owner of Precision Planting) discussed with us the products of the 360 Yield Center, as well as giving an in-field presentation. We also had talks from Surefire AgNiffty Ag, and local farmers in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. 
Lindsay Kimbrell chatting to us during a visit to his farm in Texas
Cotton farm in Texas
The highlight of the trip, however, was our trip down south where we visited a farm on Red River, and got to ride ATVs and swim in the river. Some comments from participants about the 2018 tour:
"A great experience in the heart of corn country, leading plant technologies, and great entertainment throughout the 12 days" ... "Great learning experience and to network with like minded farmers from various backgrounds - great" ... "Really well organised and enough variety to be really interesting - fun fun fun!" ... "Fantastic trip - very worthwhile."
Red River, Texarkana
Texarkana: a twin city on the border of Texas and Arkansas
Another trip to the USA is being planned for 2019. It will include a visit to the Precision Planting Institute, a look at corn and cotton growing ... and a country music twist! If you are interested in the 2019 Study Tour, please email so that you can be added to the list
Are your furrows ready?
Take the guesswork out with SmartFirmer.
How do you tell if your furrows are ready for planting? The SmartFirmer will let you know. This sensor measures: 
  • organic matter - soil type, organic matter, topography, etc are all paddock features which can affect yield
  • soil temperature and moisture - planting depths can be adjusted accordingly to ensure conditions are conducive to seed germination and an even plant emergence 
  • furrow residue and uniformity - in-furrow crop residue can limit seed moisture uptake and transmit disease (and this knowledge allows for the adjustment of row cleaners when necessary), while other irregularities in the furrows (clods, air space, dry soil, etc) can also affect germination and emergence. 
With the SmartFirmer, each of these aspects can be assessed in real-time so that you no longer have to be concerned about whether your soil will help to produce the yields you're after.

Rob Flanagan from 'Cubatree', Benerembah, says that he is looking to eventually have a complete set of high definition organic maps for the whole farm, in order to get an indication of where they need to improve the soil after land forming. 200 hectares of cotton have been planted with the SmartFirmers in place (Rob has a JD planter with vSet and Delta Force also in use), and his original expectations that he'd find big variations in organic matter were met, allowing him to vary fertiliser rates when necessary. 

The organic matter maps were also an important factor behind Chris Morshead's (Amberley Pastoral Company, Yenda) decision to invest in SmartFirmer, due to the fact that they have land formed in low areas. With the maps, Chris can already see variations in organic matter across the paddocks not only due to landforming and adding top soil afterwards, but also because they variable rate all of their fertiliser with spreaders. In addition to organic matter levels at planting, soil temperature and moisture are also important and Chris says the SmartFirmer data on these factors tell them whether they need to irrigate after planting or not. Eventually, he also wants to get to the point where he can vary seed rates per hectare and hopefully bring down sowing rates. 

As such, Chris says the SmartFirmer data and images has been good, and the better the data they glean from it, the better their variable rating will be. Used in correlation with harvest data, it will give good layers of information to show problem areas.

Since the middle of September, Chris has planted 400 hectares of corn, cotton, sorghum, seed sunflowers and pigeon pea (his machine has JD XP style row units, a Rasmussen 8 row linkage bar, 36 inch row spacing, vSet meters with vDrive, DeltaForce, vDrive Insecticide, 2 SmartFirmers and 5 Keeton firmers, and uses a Gen 2 20/20 monitor with iPad). There are keepers in place to put more SmartFirmers across the whole machine. Chris added that his planter is now an impressive bit of gear and his local dealer, Aaron Fitzpatrick, knows what works and what doesn't. 

SmartFirmer is yet another Precision Planting product that allows automatic, row-by-row control, and the ability to optimise your yields with the help of smart technology. For more information on SmartFirmer, contact David at Precision Seeding Solutions on 0447 442 136 today.
Northern NSW Planting Season
David McGavin
This season has been a testing one for most areas.

Many of our dryland customers are still trying to get enough rain to plant full hectares of cotton, sorghum and corn. It seems to be a drawn out affair, with a lot of sorghum being planted in early September in the Croppa Creek/North Star region in particular. 

Generally, most irrigated crops went in well, although the areas were a lot smaller than normal which lead to a quick plant as far as irrigation is concerned.
Crops are emerging well, and DeltaForce continues to be the one product that customers see the greatest value in.  Chris Morshead (see above SmartFirmer article) says that the DeltaForce is the most valuable piece of his planter, as planting depths have been perfect in sub-optimal conditions. The ability to lift units and electronically manage boxes with male/female splits and change rates is a huge advantage. For more on DeltaForce, please visit our website or see our July 2017 newsletter (link below).
Cotton emergence ('Keytah', Moree, NSW)
Kelly Humphries (Moree, NSW) - gaining capacity with SpeedTube 18 metres
This is where you will find PSS in 2019:

Precision Planting Winter Conference Tremont, IL, USA -- 15th to 18th January 2019
Australian Summer Grains Conference -- 8th to 10th July 2019
8067 Bundella Road
Premer, NSW, 2381
David McGavin 0447 442 136 - - Service & Sales 
Lauren McGavin 0417 341 674 - - Accounts & Ordering
0447 442 146 - Sales
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Based on the Liverpool Plains of northern New South Wales, Precision Seeding Solutions services the East Coast of Australia with help from our independent service partners. We have all undergone the required training to become Precision Planting Premier Dealers. Contact any of us today to enquire about what Precision Seeding Solutions can do to improve your farming operations.
125 Peak Downs Drive
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Zane Hood: 0418 755 573
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Marshall Rasmussen: 0439 640961
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Ben Poggioli: 0407 590 335
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