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It has been some time since our last newsletter and a lot has changed as Precision Seeding Solutions grows and progresses. We are proud to have gathered a team of people that have the best interests of the farmers in mind when it comes to planting sales and service; we're committed to growing our business the right way through service and backup support. Until now, we've had little focus on advertising, as word-of-mouth seems to have been growing the business for us.
     We aim to increase the amount of people available at peak planting times - when you need us the most - to ensure that the wait time is kept to a minimum during the busy planting periods.
     Precision Seeding Solutions has just purchased a Pantech service truck which will be fully stocked with enough parts to fit out multiple planters at any one time - while it will be used during pre-season fit-up, its main use will be as a backup when needed. No matter what the problem is, we know we will have every precision part stocked in the truck. 
     We have also invested significantly with a large warehouse in Premer. We now carry more Precision Planting parts than anywhere else in Australia, as well as keeping large parts stores in Griffith (NSW), Dalby and Capella (Qld).
     We look forward to keeping you up to date with all of the precision planting news and getting your plant stand where you want it!

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Click here to read an article from the June 2017 Groundcover publication about a planter simultaneously planting two varieties of sorghum in the one paddock.
Visiting Precision Planting (Tremont, Illinois) to undergo some advanced training in January this year: Marshall Rasmussen, (RBE - Dalby), Julian Rolls (JMAJ Precision - Young), Aaron Fitzpatrick (Griffith), Lauren & David McGavin (Precision Seeding Solutions - Premer), Zane & Casey Hood (Highlands Maintenance & Fabrication - Capella).
Are you looking for better ROI with your farming operations?
Braden Bullock farms on the family property of ‘Inverbrackie’ near Oakey in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. The property has varying soil types from chocolate creek alluvial to black soil.
     When the Bullock’s purchased their new Excel SP200 planter, it was ordered with spring downforce on the fertiliser rows (as depth control wasn't as important), and DeltaForce on the planting row units in order to improve seed depth consistency. Having the one machine with both spring downforce and hydraulic cylinder downforce has highlighted the difference the DeltaForce units make to the planter row depth control. In addition to this is the fact that the  gauge wheels on the spring row units bounce a lot, whereas the hydraulic cylinders on the DeltaForce units ensure all rows are riding on the gauge wheels at all times and even the rows located near the tractor wheel tracks can automatically increase downforce - but downforce on the remaining rows isn't over applied.
     This is the beauty of DeltaForce  - each row will adjust independently depending on the conditions of the paddock, not only from wheel tracks which the Bullock’s experience, but also on headlands, hard vs. soft soils and other terrain issues. The hydraulic cylinders controlling the down force are harnessed to the tractor cab, with a weight pin that sends data to the integrated 20/20 SeedSense monitor – and it is the SeedSense that controls the cylinders from the get-go.   
     So far, Braden says they’ve planted sorghum and wheat with the DeltaForce on their planter, and the plant emergence was good but unfortunately rainfall was the limiting factor for the 16/17 season. Sorghum and mungbeans are next on the list for 17/18.
     And so, the question remains: Is your farming operation missing out on potential increased yields due to unexceptional down force accuracy? Does 98% DeltaForce accuracy sound like a better return on investment? If so, contact one of the Precision Seeding Solutions representatives today.
     Click here for more information on DeltaForce including a short informative video.     
The RBE Answer to a Seed Distribution Unit
Rasumussen Bros Engineering, based in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, is proud to release their Seed Distribution Unit, further complementing their range of custom linkage toolbars.
     Both farmers and RBE know full well the time-consuming task that it is to individually fill each separate planter hopper – and as such, RBE have strived to make the planting operation more efficient.
     The RBE Seed Distribution Unit features a 1600L bin mounted to the linkage bar for a single fill operation, utilising a twin distribution system to transfer seed to each precision meter; air flow is matched with seed type, using a mini hopper to manage the distribution. Seed manifolds have a quick release cleanout door to empty the bin of seed therefore making the process of changing to a different seed type easy and efficient.
     Made on site at RBE’s Dalby location, the units boast superior workmanship and are finished in high quality automotive 2 pack paint. Additionally, they can easily be fitted to many different makes of planters with a bolt-on mount kit to suit 100x100 – 200x200 bars.
     Make time today to contact the team at RBE (details below) for further information on the Seed Distribution Unit and how it can improve your planting operations. 
Come along to the following locations and have a chat about what PSS can do for you!
6-8 July: Ag-Grow -- Emerald, Qld -- site I25a
26-27 July: Australian Cotton Collective & Cotton Trade Show -- Griffith, NSW -- site 32
22-24 August: AgQuip -- Gunnedah, NSW -- site I/J12
8067 Bundella Road
Premer, NSW, 2381
David McGavin 0447 442 136 - Service & Sales 
Lauren McGavin 0417 341 674 - Accounts & Ordering
Alasdair Cadell 0448 834 220 - Sales & Support
Based on the Liverpool Plains of northern New South Wales, Precision Seeding Solutions services the East Coast of Australia (from New South Wales to Queensland) with help from our independent service partners. We have all undergone the required training to become Precision Planting Premier Dealers. Contact any of us today to enquire about what Precision Seeding Solutions can do to improve your farming operations.
Meet Alasdair - our new salesman based on the Liverpool Plains in northern NSW but supporting all dealers.
125 Peak Downs Drive
Capella, Qld, 4723
Zane Hood: 0418 755 573
Casey Hood: 0438 849 399
35 McCormack Road
Yoogali, NSW, 2680
Aaron Fitzpatrick: 0448 624 168
36 Wambo Terrace, MS 687,
Pirrinuan, QLD, 4405
Marshall Rasmussen: 0439 640961
Darren Rasmussen: 0428 640 961
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