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It has been one of the most challenging cropping seasons we have had on the farm this year and most areas seem to have had the same experience. We've been lucky enough for our customer base to increase again, with 2018 being our busiest year yet. I believe that we have seen our business grow for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, with such little irrigation water around, there were a number of farmers wanting to make sure the hectares that did get put in were as good as possible, so DeltaForce was a major driver with that. 

Secondly, there are more and more Precision Planting products getting out in the market and it’s becoming obvious that the system works well and our products have a great return on investment. 

Thirdly, our knowledge of the product and diagnosing problems is improving. Service has always been a major reason why we’ve managed to grow our business, and as we grow we have all become more proficient at solving problems. 

Planting is the one time of year when every element can appear to be against you from lack of moisture, hot drying winds, to good planting moisture quickly disappearing, and prospects of not getting your crop in can become a real reality. For the last couple of seasons we have managed fairly well with the high influxes of service calls at different times of year. But, we are getting a larger customer base to service and so it has become evident to me that in order for us to have 100% happy customers we need to put service plans in place that offer value to farmers and allow us to expand our available services with new technologies and wider accessibility to parts locations at all hours of the day. We have formulated a plan and I believe packed enough value in to make one of the packages fit just about everyone. As a team, we are committed to ensuring that at planting time you're not left in the dark when you need us most, and that we don’t become a company that is happy to sell equipment but supply limited back up support. Join us with Support Central and help us give you ongoing service that will bring value to your business (please read more about this further below).
At Precision Seeding Solutions we’ve been busy since planting with the addition of another location at Inverell, NSW. This is our main warehouse and freight hub for parts where we are holding a large amount of stock for ease of freighting and staffing. It will allow us to expand in many areas with daily freight options, the ability to freight planters in when they need be to overhauled, hold large training days and field days (and therefore allowing us to focus on other regions), and act as our Customer Central headquarters. Our aim is to grow at a sustainable rate while keeping up with customers expectations; the Inverell location will help us get there and we welcome anyone travelling through to drop in for a coffee and say hi, we would love to have you.
We’re excited to bring on PJ Bradford as our new Business Manager. PJ has been a long time friend and someone I have looked to for advice and a farmers point of view for some time now. I believe his long service in the farming industry gives him the knowledge of what our customers expect of us and how our products help improve profitability and productivity on almost every farm we put them on. PJ would love you to call in and say hi. He’ll probably ask you, “What keeps you up at night during planting?” and then have a yarn about how he can help. We are looking forward to PJ taking in a lot of the day-to-day running of the business, as well as the Sales Manager’s role. This will give me more time to focus on service and the “Why” of what we do: Why do we sell Precision planting equipment? We believe that improving the planter pass is the fastest way to increase yields on many farms and we are fortunate enough to have outstanding products that do just that. 
2019 is the Year of Agronomy and so for PSS AG we are getting back to the dirt to bring you new insights as to what environment seeds need to be in to maximise full potential.
We have our US trip that is full of learning opportunities and a swag of fun thrown in. It is open to all and we’re looking forward to showing you why last year’s customers came home raving about it. Give any of us a call if you’re interested (please read more about this further below). 
We will be bringing you details about Australia’s very own PTI Farm where we will have a number of hands-on days with multi crop trials and to get you in tune with your planter and its capabilities. 
In a first for me, I recently travelled to Kununurra to do some DeltaForce, vDrive and 20/20 installs. It was a great week getting on-farm and seeing the planting conditions of some existing customers and a few new ones. There are some amazing backdrops to the farms: the remoteness of the area adds to its unique outlook but also offers up its fair share of challenges, I’m sure. We are glad to have the support of so many growers in the Ord and look forward to driving yields in seed crops through to edible beans. Thanks to the guys for making me welcome up there. 
We look forward to a successful and wet 2019 with you all.

Best regards,
David McGavin
Corn looking good at 'Kolora', Dysart, Qld.
David with Brian, Cooper & Nigel Gregg
22nd July - 7th August
Following on from the success of last year's study tour to the USA, we're heading over again and invite you to join us.

This two week organised tour will include not only visits to the 360 Yield Center headquarters, the Precision Planting Technology Institute, Memphis Cotton Exchange, and farms in Illinois and Tennessee, but some downtime at the revered Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the Jack Daniels Factory PLUS a three day mystery location full of historical architecture and amazing beaches.

Now ... You know you want to come! So please use the links below to view a more detailed information sheet regarding the tour and also the booking sheet. Please note the booking sheet and deposit is due by 22nd April, with the final balance due by 17th June.  

2019 USA study tour invite
2019 Booking Sheet

Here is what some of the 2018 participants had to say about the tour:

"Great trip, well done. Had an awesome time learning and meeting the best brains around."
"The day at the Precision farm (PTI) was the most informative day I have ever had on equipment for planting seed."
"It was a great experience, something that I would never have done, so thank you for that!" 

A package for every farm
As your planter runs out of its warranty period, it’s crucial that the same level of support is still available. We all know circumstances change, you may have new employees that are unfamiliar with the product, need software changes or simply want the PSSAG crew to run their eyes over your planter before the busy season starts. PSSAG has developed a three level usage ongoing support package known as PSSAG SUPPORT CENTRAL. Each level of support offers different options to suit your needs.
PSSAG SUPPORT CENTRAL subscribers will also get access to the free app AgriSync which gives you a direct link to our product support team. AgriSync allows you to connect with our team via phone, text or video. When you call our new product support number, the system will automatically initiate a ticket that will instantaneously be sent to multiple support persons. Our product support team will answer your call, if not you can leave a message. You will get a text confirmation that a support ticket has been initiated in our system. The support ticket allows us to track and quantify the issues you might have while also developing a history data base at the same time. The free AgriSync app can be used to access more support capabilities including video calls allowing our team to see and hear exactly what you see.
PSSAG understands the importance of timeliness at planting and so our new PSSAG SUPPORT CENTRAL packages will hopefully alleviate downtime through preventative maintenance, training and access to 24hr support if needed. Rest assured when you're planting that if the unexpected happens you can depend on us.
NOTE: All 20/20 owners are covered by warranty for two planting seasons from purchase. PSSAG SUPPORT CENTRAL packages are applicable to your 3rd planting season.

Please use the following link to download the customer return form which also includes an overview with prices:

PSSAG SUPPORT CENTRAL customer return form
Meet our new Business Manager!
Peter-John Bradford
PJ hard at work
PJ Bradford has been using Precision Planting equipment for a few years and the results have impressed. After spending the last 20 years in farm management positions on broad-acre and irrigation properties (for both individuals and corporate companies), PJ knew if he ever had to sell a product in the agricultural market, Precision Planting equipment would be it. 

As the new PSSAG Business Manager, PJ will be involved in all areas across the business - fitting, sales, marketing, and so on. He has walked in his customer's shoes, knows what they expect, and the results they wish to achieve - with an honest and realistic approach to farming and the products necessary to achieve better results in the field, PJ wants to be the first person his customers think of calling when planter advice is needed. 

An extremely keen deer hunter, PJ also enjoys being a small time grazier in New England, NSW. He finds it very amusing that he's now working for a harvesting contractor that he had employed in the past! 
Southern Queensland Update
Marshall Rasmussen
RBE were excited to release another 8 new 20/20 systems for the 2018/19 summer.
Planters were spread out from the Southern & Darling Downs, out west to Surat and over to the Burnett, for our first run with Precision’s latest peanut plate.

We were thrilled to have Max over from Precision Planting USA while planting was on, to show him how we do it here and to trial some of Precision Planting's latest technology.
Mung beans with Precision on 50cm

This year we were excited to build a 12m full Precision Planter on 50cm spacings to plant both 
summer and winter crops. The bar was set up with vDrive, DeltaForce, SmartFirmers, SDU 2200L bin, DX50 row units and the new Gen 3 20/20 monitor. We were very keen to see the results in mung beans with singulation and DeltaForce. Singulation readings were in the high 90% at 230,000 seeds/Ha. Paddock conditions weren’t ideal but with the DeltaForce we could fine-tune the downforce and the emergence results were very consistant across the field. We were really impressed with the crop growth on minimal in-crop rain and can't wait to get the results from harvest.

We thank all our growers for their support this summer. And thanks for all the pictures and comments of excitement we received at planting time!
Precision's peanut plate
Mung beans with Precision on 50cm
Central Queensland Update
Zane & Casey Hood
Central Queensland has had a very dry summer in general, but some areas have been lucky enough to get under patchy rain in recent weeks. With only a small percentage of farmers getting sorghum in the ground, the rain was very welcome and will go a long way to finishing off the sorghum that has been struggling in the dry and heat.

Still patchy, but with the majority of farmers receiving some rain, they are now able to plant wheat and chickpea in the coming weeks.

There is still a lot of interest in DeltaForce in our area to help get that seed in the ground at the right depth and into the moisture. We have also received a large amount of enquiries about Precision Planting, purely on strike results and singulation, from neighbours looking over the fence and also once again word of mouth.

Thanks again for all your support in CQ!
Mark Kemp on his property at Capella, with the meters set up on his Tyne planter for sorghum.
Sorghum at Kemp's (Capella)
North Queensland Update
Ben Poggioli
We had a late but good start to our planting season on the Atherton Tablelands. With good rain in December, peanut planting got underway. The rain dried up at the end of December til mid January which is extremely late for peanut planting, but still early for planting corn. The best planting time for peanuts is early November through to mid December. 

We fitted up a 12 row Case IH planter and a number of 8 row John Deere planters with vSet meters for corn and peanuts. We found a large improvement with peanut singulation from 75% to 98% average which is impressive for peanut seed planting at 220,000 seeds per hectare. Corn as usual always plants 99% or better through Precision Planting meters.

At this stage all crops are looking good with some peanut crops ready for harvest in the next few weeks.
Peanuts on Ben's property at Kairi, Qld.
Southern NSW Update
Aaron Fitzpatrick
Planting in the Riverina this season saw cotton as the predominant crop followed by corn. More fields again were pre-watered, with the DeltaForce planters shining in both dry or pre-watered fields, maintaining seed depth and eliminating compaction. Growers and agronomists have commented on how they are learning to cut planting rates now because of the improved plant stand. 

A very hot and dry summer saw an increase in water use across summer crops. Corn yields have been down, we will see how the cotton goes.
Pre-season at Whitton, NSW.
Cotton at Coleambally, NSW.
This is where you will find PSS in 2019:

Riverina Field Days -- Griffith, NSW -- 11th & 12th May 
Primex -- Casino, NSW -- 16th to 18th May
FarmFest -- Toowoomba, Qld -- 4th to 6th June
Ag-Grow -- Emerald, Qld -- 20th to 22nd June
Australian Summer Grains Conference -- Gold Coast, Qld -- 8th to 10th July 

Cotton Collective -- Griffith, NSW -- 24th & 25th July
PSSAG Support Central
41 Rifle Range Road
Inverell, NSW, 2360

Premer Depot
8067 Bundella Road
Premer, NSW, 2381
David McGavin - Service & Sales - 0447 442 136 - 
Lauren McGavin - Accounts & Ordering - 0417 341 674 - 
Sales - 0447 442 146
Service - 0455 442 289
PJ Bradford - Business Manager - 0499758352 -

Based on the Liverpool Plains of northern New South Wales, Precision Seeding Solutions services the East Coast of Australia with help from our independent service partners. We have all undergone the required training to become Precision Planting Premier Dealers. Contact any of us today to enquire about what Precision Seeding Solutions can do to improve your farming operations.
125 Peak Downs Drive
Capella, Qld, 4723
Zane Hood: 0418 755 573
Casey Hood: 0438 849 399
35 McCormack Rd
Yoogali, NSW, 2680
Aaron Fitzpatrick: 0448 624 168
36 Wambo Terrace, MS 687,
Pirrinuan, QLD, 4405
Marshall Rasmussen: 0439 640961
Darren Rasmussen: 0428 640 961
118 Graham Road
Tolga, Qld, 3382
Ben Poggioli: 0407 590 335
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