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I hope April finds everyone in good health and spirits. March has been an amazing month for me. The debut release of Resurrection arrived and was beyond my wildest imagination. If you would have asked me two years ago, while completing my Master's thesis, if I could envision publishing a book I would have laughed and rolled my eyes. However, this little journey has turned into a dream come true. Every one of you helped make this a reality and I'm truly grateful. 

Jenna and Chase lived inside my head for a short time. I met them in mid-September, plotted them in October, wrote them in November, revised them in December, and edited them in January. Lacey absolutely wormed her way into my life and I'm still trying to figure out if she'll quiet down or if I'll be plotting her spin-off. She was well received, which I wasn't sure how all the taboos weaved within Resurrection would hit the audience, but romance readers are an amazing group. So, who knows—maybe we'll see more of the Lee/Houston clan further down the road. I need their words to spread and to hear more feedback before I determine their path.

What's on the forefront you ask? The original piece I was working on from September 2015 to June 2016 consumes my writing hours at this very moment. It is also a contemporary romance with more of an intense mystery element. It is a cliffhanger,—I'll prepare you now. I promise you'll understand why when you read it (title still in limbo), and it'll all be good in the long run. If all goes according to my plan, it should release late June to early July. I really like Samantha (Sam) Sawyer and Blake Angel. They are my original book babies and the more I edit them down and refine them, the deeper I fall in love with the uniqueness of their characters.

I already have 30 thousand words written in their sequel (Resurrection was 87K), which isn't bad considering I write at night and on weekends between the day job, wife duties, mom duties, and the rest of the duties I attempt to uphold. My hope is to finish writing the second installment and release in late October or early November. All just in time to write for NaNaWriMo again and jump back on the same train! I'm blessed to have a family who supports me on my new path into writing authordom! They are to backbone allowing me to gift of sharing my work with the fantastic readers. Thank you so much for your continued support and positive feedback.

Much love,

Maggie Jane

The debut novel is now live! 

Please continue to support, share out, and recommend Resurrection. Every little bit helps and provides me with the continued opportunity to keep plotting away and writing more stories to share.

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My life was perfect. I’d had it all: a doting husband, a career on the rise, and great kids. When all that comes down around me—when I lose the one person I need— it feels like my world has been swirling around the edges of a black hole. A never-ending despair that is consuming me. The vows I had made to him still haunt me, still feel as fresh as the day I’d spoken those words. But he’s gone and I don’t know how to move on. I’m not even sure I could.

Until… I meet him.


I was happy. So happy. There was nothing more that a man could ask for. I had the kind of fairy tale that few get. I worked hard and played hard, but my family always came first. But when it all crumbled around me, I didn’t know how to carry on without the love of my life at my side. They say, ‘till death do us part’. I just never thought she’d go before me. Now, all I do is exist because I must, and my children need me. But some days, I can’t push past the pain and misery. Sometimes, I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do.
Then she comes crashing into my life. And in that instant, I know… My life will never be the same again.

My WIP is tentatively scheduled to release in late June. This is my first book baby. I began working on it September of 2015 and completed the final words June of 2016. It went to my editor RAW and in need of a massive developmental edit. I put it aside while I began book two of the series and concentrated on writing, editing, and releasing Resurrection. 

I'm hitting send to my editor again tomorrow satisfied with the WIP's development and the facelift it desperately needed. Granted it will continue to evolve before June, and I'm ready to face the challenges involved with creating another set of strong characters y'all will love.

With Samantha Sawyer and Blake Angel on my brain and getting acquainted with them intimately over the last two years, I came across my friend Reggie Deanching launching another cover models career. I stopped cold in my tracks when I saw Davy Muscle. He fit Blake Angel to a T. Believe me I'd been scouring stock photos for months looking for just the right guy. Then, upon further research, I saw his beautiful wife. She was a perfect fit for Sam. I started talking things through with Reggie and we joined together to make the cover shoot happen. I am honored Davy and Kayla agreed to represent my work and am inspired by all the creative input Reggie offers to help make this WIP come to life. 

I'll have more with the title and a few RAW passage releases when the WIP comes back from this round of edits. Until then, I'll be making sure Sam and Blake work through their playbook and make it around the bases successfully!

Copyright © 2017 Maggie Jane Schuler, All rights reserved.

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