The Rampant Has Arrived!

My author copies of The Rampant have arrived! And one of them now has teeth marks. There's nothing like heading out in the car and noticing a suspiciously "bookish" package by the mailbox to get one to take the silliest of pictures (at least in my case...). The actual release date is technically October 1st, but I've been told, in an outrageous display of efficiency, it will now be available for sale on September 15th. That's only 5 days away! On the 15th you'll be able to purchase the paperback edition from the publisher for $10 and the ebook for $5.95. Other online storefronts, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, will also carry both editions.

Reviews from Publishers Weekly and The Book Smugglers

After launching ARCs (advanced reader copies) out into the stratosphere earlier this summer, some wonderfully kind reviews have already returned.
“Equal parts playful and heartbreaking, this apocalyptic novella offers one-of-a-kind answers about the end of the world….This clever and surprisingly fun take on the rapture is the perfect theological horror story.” 
— Publishers Weekly, Review

“Day perfectly balances dark and light in The Rampant, and offers up a fresh take on apocalyptic fiction that draws on ancient mythology and literature to create something that feels completely original and new. “
The Book Smugglers Women to Read, Review


The Weird Dream Society:
aka It's Not Just Me Me Me!

Or at least not entirely...For the last few months, I've been spearheading a charity anthology, The Weird Dream Society, being put together by my critique group. In other words I'm getting a crash course in the other side of publishing--creating an actual, physical book. As well as the writers' generosity, and the cover illustrator's (Gregory Normal Bossert), a number of experienced publishers have stepped up to offer advice and information.

Proceeds from the anthology will go to support RAICES, the nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to under-served immigrant children, families, and refugees.

We already have a  Table of Contents full of amazing (and amazingly generous) authors, including--but definitely not limited to--Sofia Samatar, Matthew Kressel, James Patrick Kelly, Gemma Files, A.T. Greenblatt, Christopher Brown, Premee Mohamed, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, & Nin Harris. Our release date is currently scheduled for May 5th, 2020. Follow the Weird Dream Society on twitter to find out the latest concerning this madcap adventure.
Happy Birthday to Me! This weekend's birthday celebration involved a pleasure cruise with my oldest and  Tigger the Cat. We drove around the block 3 times while Tigger tried out various positions: under the passenger seat, on a lap, & that most advanced of moves, a two-legged stance while looking out the window.


An Article On How I Wrote The Rampant

Fantastic History #37: Lean into your Strengths
Julie C. Day

What is the secret to writing a story with a rich, well researched world? Deep, abiding weakness.

While I learn quickly, I forget just as swiftly. All those names, dates, specific chemical bonds, burial rituals, details of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and understanding of the role of women in the ancient world swirl into an impressionistic mess. This is the sort of issue that hits many parts of my life, including my ability to write fiction. But that’s not my only writerly weakness. As a writer I have an abundance of tone and pretty, pretty sentences that power up the creepy and unsettling. But plot—dear, Lord—plot is never a straightforward exercise. And worlds, settings, that accurate description of architecture? None of it is going to slip easily onto the page. When I first started writing fiction my detail-deficient brain and plotless soul meant putting together a setting and story arc was hard. And then—thank, God, finally—I learned to embrace these weaknesses with almost boundless enthusiasm.

Lean into your strengths as a writer. That’s one of those pearls offered up to new and aspiring authors. Definitely a good suggestion, but I’ve discovered the converse is even more useful—lean into your weaknesses and leverage them as strengths....Continue Reading

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