The Rampant!

The fabulous Aqueduct Press will be publishing my 120 page novella, The Rampant, as a standalone paperback and ebook later this year!

What is the book about?

The Rampant is a queer-girls-in-love, coming-of-age short novel that involves a Sumerian Rapture in Southern Indiana. It’s also an intense narrative ride that is, by turns, harrowing, heartbreaking, and darkly funny.

Christianity it turns out got a whole lot of things wrong. It’s ten years since the hordes of old-world Sumerian gods, the Anunna and Anunnaki, arrived to kick off the end of the world. Massive tornadoes, tsunamis, government collapse: it all started out so strong, but the Rampant, the final herald of the apocalypse, failed to show. Both people and gods have had to adjust.

Sixteen-year-old friends Emelia Bareilles and Gillian Halkey have spent most of their childhood in a world filled with the echoes of lost friends, eviscerated family members, and dwindling hope. The world is an ugly broken place. Their only option is to travel to the Netherworld, collect the Rampant, and finally kick off the Rapture.

Riffing on fragments of historical text, including the Epic of GilgameshThe Rampant uses and refutes the known details and rules of the Sumerian underworld. As they travel through the lands of the dead, Emelia and Gillian meet loved ones and strangers trapped in a system they didn’t create. Each step makes them more determined to help create a better, godless world. In the end this is a story about the inequities of power, human self-determination, and the various ways in which we love each other.  

Recently Published Short Pieces

The Cincinnati Review?! Okay yeah, it's less than 200 words, but my piece "City Magic" is up on their site as part of their miCRo series, along with an audio narration recorded by me. I don't record much anymore. It feels like one of those recent sightings of supposedly extinct animals, like the 100-year-old Fernandina Giant Tortoise spotted this month on the Galapagos Islands.

Climbing from strawweight to bantamweight, my flash piece Stone Memories, can be found online in the Jellyfish Review. This one started as a writing exercise that I wasn't quite ready to let go of. There was just something about the mood it engendered that made me pick it up again until it was sorted.

Creeping past flash-fiction sized--and perhaps into the featherweight division?-- "Bluebeard's Surrender" is the only story I started, completed, and also placed last year. The elusive triple threat of story creation! Generally, my writing process meanders. The space between a beginning idea and a final piece is often years. I've read "Bluebeard's Surrender" at a couple of events, including the Fantastic Fiction Series at the KGB Bar in NYC, and it's damned satisfying. The best part? It started entwined with other words that I eventually recognized as a second story (currently with the working title of Mesotherm). You can check out "Bluebeard's Surrender" along with a host of other fabulous stories in the anthology Gorgons: Stories of Emergence.


Here sits the mighty writer, in her cube, at her day job. Meanwhile, Spy Pig rests in the background, wondering--like many before him--what the heck I've drawn on my whiteboard. Hint: It's a metaphoric diagram, kept mainly for the splash of color it adds to all that gray. 

If you want information and insights from me--in addition to whimsy--here are a couple of recent interviews that contain a mixture of all three...

Interview by Jordan Kurella

Interview by Flapperhouse Magazine


This Month's Art Offering

Alice Wellinger is a contemporary, surreal artist from Austria. I follow her on Instagram just so I can see her most recent works. Looking at one of her pieces, I feel like I've awakened from a dream in which the two of us had the most intimate of conversations, and though I can't remember any of the words, the feeling of that conversation remains.

Upcoming Appearances

International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts 
March 13-16, 2019
Orlando Airport Marriott
Orlando, FL

Group Reading
Sarah Pinsker, Julie C. Day, A.T. Greenblatt,  Jean Lorrah, Thursday, 4:14-5:45 pm

July 11-14, 2019
Quincy Marriott
Quincy, MA

August 22-25, 2019
Providence, RI

World Fantasy Convention
October 31-November 3, 2019
Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel
Los Angeles, CA

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