Alt-Headline: I'm Head-blowingly Excited

PS Publishing is releasing my first ever short story collection, aptly entitled Uncommon Miracles, later this year. The collection contains stories previously published in places like Interzone, Black Static,and the Cream City Review. A few of the stories will also be finding their way into the world for the very first time.
To add to the "surreal" of it all, John Crowley has already given it a look. He says: “Julie C. Day’s stories are strongly strange, whether happening in a sort of now in this country or in a weirdly altered past. These stories seem to be what the term American Gothic was meant for.”
Huh. I am, to put it mildly, godsmacked.

Other People's Words

Turns out Roxane Gay's collection Difficult Women goes with 1) café scones before a science fiction & fantasy convention and 2) the stack of books always teetering near my head at night. This is my favorite collection of the year. It's also one of those books that fell on the literary side of the publishing world yet still contains stories with fantastical elements. In other words, it's great.
Please save my bookshelf from imminent collapse! My novelette "Idle Hands" is out in the latest issue of the New Haven Review, and for some reason they sent me a multitude of copies. The first person to message me @thisjulieday gets a free copy. My bookshelf and I both thank you for your support.
This Month's Favorite Re-read

On nights when all sounds seem closer to moans, a friendly book is a necessary defense. Lev Grossman's The Magicians more than fits the bill. As a bonus, this re-read is just in time for the release of season 2 of the SyFy series on Netflix.
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