Miracles of Uncommon Miracles!
It's Actually Here!

The hardcover edition of my debut collection is not only available, pre-orders are landing on people's doorsteps! That's right Uncommon Miracles is finding its audience!

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Hardcover:  Amazon| Publisher
Signed Limited Edition: Publisher
eBook:  Forthcoming

“If Julie C. Day was a singer she’d have a five-octave range. This is a collection of astonishing variety and power. She is one of those alchemists of the short story who offers uncomplicated engagement, while provoking knotty thoughts and mutable responses. This is not merely a promising debut, it is simply astonishing.”
Interzone 277 Collection Review

"You never know what or who you might encounter in a story by Day, or how the everyday world will be twisted and turned into something new, eerie, and unsettling, but then, that’s exactly what makes this collection so very good."
Maria Haskins Collection Review

Reader Reviews

My favorite Amazon review so far included the following gem.
"Edgy, feminist, and mysterious, Day's collection has the literary feel of Margaret Atwood and the spec fic sensibility of Cat Valente."

My favorite Goodreads review made me want to roll around on the floor with glee.
"UNCOMMON MIRACLES is one of those books you slow down in the middle of, because you can almost >taste< the odd, are compelled to roll it around in your mouth. "Speculative" is definitely the word, because you spend a long time afterwards thinking on the strange devices (ghosts and photos, creating portals through trash), but also the kinds of loneliness and desperation that can co-exist with love. There's beautiful language here, and striking images, even as things go sideways or into dark corners. And they do tend to stray to dark corners."

Small press means any help getting the word out is appreciated!

Below are a few sightings of Uncommon Miracles in the wild...

A British sighting.

A New England sighting.
So where's the celebratory pic of the author with her debut collection?! Coming. I promise it's coming! We're waiting on my freaky "Halloween Eye" to clear up before capturing any images for posterity, or even to place in some theoretical family photo album. Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of Pleasant as she gazes lovingly into my, yes, freaky "Halloween Eye."

If you want an image of my inner landscape, here are a couple of recent interviews instead:

Interview by Gwendolyn Kiste

Interview by A.C. Wise

This Month's Nonfiction Offering

Tiffany Bozic, the artist and entomologist who's amazing piece, Flora and Fawn, is the cover image for my collection, has a visual art book, Unnatural Selections: The Artwork of Tiffany Bozic, coming out in November. Her work is the perfect visual compliment for my own: surreal, subtle, scientifically based, and with a strongly dark thread running through it. I adore everything she does!


Upcoming Appearances

Spec Boston

October 25th, 2018
Trident Booksellers & Cafe
338 Newbury Street Boston, MA

Group Reading
Hillary Monahan, Paul Trembley, & Julie C. Day

Charm City Spec

October 31th, 2018
Bird in Hand Coffee & Books
11E. 33rd Street Baltimore, MD

Group Reading
Sam J Miller, David D. Levine, Sherri Cook Woosley, & Julie C. Day

World Fantasy Convention

November 1-4, 2018
Baltimore Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, MD
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