It's a Real Book!

That's right my collection has a release date, a cover, and a pre-order page. It's even got a few reader reviews up on Goodreads. All it's missing is a bit of swaddling and an extra-small knit cap.
My debut collection Uncommon Miracles comes out in October as both a limited edition hardcover and an ebook. It has the gorgeous cover, pictured below, by the amazing entomologist and artist Tiffany Bozic. And it's available for pre-order!
Honestly, I couldn't be more thrilled with the cover art. Tiffany's work is worthy of far more attention and many more book covers...

If you follow me on social media--Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook--twice a week I'm posting lines and images associated with a particular story in the collection.  Each of the eighteen stories will be getting the " treatment." So far it's three down and still fifteen to go. I've also put together a Pinterest board containing many of the images I used while writing the stories in Uncommon Miracles. Actually, I've decided to sneak a couple of them into this newsletter...

Vinalhaven Granite Workers circa 1900
This was one of the historical images I used while writing "Signal & Stone." a story original to the collection.

David Alfaro Siqueiros's "Death to the Invader"
This was the picture that helped me imagine the particular afterlife found in "A Pinhole of Light," originally published in Black Static.


Stories Out This Year

So this year is games and collections, but it's also short stories! So far two have made their way out into the world.
"Re-stitched" is available online at Split Lip Magazine. It was also picked as Longform Fiction's story of the week. You'll find the story is rather...dark, even for me.

"Schrödinger’s"  is available in Interzone 274. The illustration for this one is amazing! This one is more of a Julie-weird science fiction story that includes a quantum strip club, the power of female friendships and the possible end of the world.
So there's this thing called an RPG tabletop game. Of all the RPG tabletop games, one of the best for running open-ended stories is the Fate Core System. Yes, that's right. I know things! Things I didn't know at the beginning of 2018. In fact Evil Hat accepted my pitch for a Fate Worlds game called Divided Lights, the second draft of which is currently under review. It's what I'm calling a Wiemar Era inspired ghost-punk world. Glassed ghosts are the city of Driesch's key commodity, energizing the overhead power lines and providing expertise and entertainment. How do the dead feel about their afterlife being co-opted by the living? Let's just say they don't particularly like it...
This Month's Nonfiction Read

Journalistic nonfiction is such a dry term for the crazy ride between the pages of On Trails by Robert Moor. In one brief chapter, I joined the author on an exploration of Pre-Cambrian fossils in Newfoundland and his associated adventures with a wandering tent, listened in while Moor tried to untangle a mix of chemical and biological facts to form a clear definition of life, and learned some wild unknown-to-me facts about the earliest life that moved across land.This book is fantastic! If it doesn't sound interesting, I am not doing it justice.
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