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Weekly Updates

Concert Tickets
Tickets for our November 6 concert are now available here. You do NOT need to purchase tickets for IYO Concert Orchestra students. You do have the option to purchase at the door, but it is helpful if you purchase tickets ahead.

Plan for November 6
You will get more detailed instructions next week, but remember that next Sunday if our concert! You will need to arrive at the Indiana History Center for dress rehearsal at 3:30pm. There is NO REGULAR BUTLER REHEARSAL. There will be a full orchestra rehearsal followed by short soundchecks for the soloists (do NOT plan on planning your entire piece onstage - this is a sound/placement check) The concert will begin at 5:00pm.

October 30 Rehearsal
Time: 2:00-3:30pm
Location: St Christopher's Episcopal Church
      1402 W Main St, Carmel, IN 46032

We will be in the Parish Hall - map below shows where to drop off students. If you arrive early, please be prepared to assist with moving chairs for rehearsal, and plan to stay a few extra minutes to make sure chairs are re-set after rehearsal.

Don't forget to bring: music, pencil and music stand! And wear your costume :-) 

Student Sponsor Update
Congrats to these students who have met their $100 minimum in Student Sponsor donations! *Denotes sticker earned for $150+ in donations.
*Becca Allen, Symphony
*Mary Anderson, Philharmonic
Maria Bryan, Symphony
*Mason Cannady, Symphony
*Downs, Paige, Philharmonic
Gayle Dunnuck, Symphony
Laurel Granlund, Symphony
*Adele Gropp, Philharmonic
Howard Gu, Philharmonic
Lauren Hubbard, Symphony
*Adia Jackman, Philharmonic
*Adelaide Mabanta, Philharmonic
Gretchen Malloch, Symphony
*Auggie Meeks, Concert
*Eli Marti, Philharmonic
*Prudy Peng, Philharmonic
*Leo-Paul Perrin, Philharmonic
*Julia Riner, Symphony
*Andrew Strawhacker, Symphony
*Noah Strawhacker, Symphony
Meera Venugopal, Concert
Maggie Weiss, Concert
*Maddie Xu, Symphony 
*Ben Baskin, Symphony
*Mary Eifert, Symphony
*Brandon Farber, Symphony
Tina Gou, Concert
Amelya Hughes, Concert
Cecily Hughes, Symphony
Julian Lee, Symphony
*Ayana Murphy, Concert
*Ethan Murphy, Symphony
*Faith Murphy, Symphony
Madeline Sargent, Philharmonic
Angie Xiu, Philharmonic
*Micah Young, Symphony
*Jackson Williams, Concert
*Justin Li, Philharmonic
*Mullis, Taylor, Concert
Retif, Preston, Concert
*Kendall, Lara, Symphony
Vijay, Akshaya, Philharmonic
Zhanqu Su, Symphony
Zhancheng Su, Philharmonic
*Riya Rink. Philharmonic
*Brian Huang, Philharmonic
Ian Dugger, Symphony
*Emily Barbus, Symphony
Quinn Murray, Philharmonic
*Evan Li, Symphony
Chloe Snyder, Philharmonic
James McConnell, Philharmonic
Audrey Ko, Symphony
Lucy Ko, Concert
Charlotte Kob, Philharmonic
*Daniel Hendrix, Symphony
*Nolan Beck, Philharmonic
Shehan Wu, Symphony
Charis Collins, Symphony
Elise Collins, Symphony
*Charlie Meadows, Symphony
*Charlie Epstein, Symphony
*Faith Wessel, Philharmonic
Read more about Student Sponsorships here. Here are 2 ways we've set up to help you raise your donations:
Send this link to potential student sponsors:
Customize your own social media fundraiser here: 
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