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Sunday,  October 30, Dress Rehearsal & Concert

Dear Philharmonic,

We certainly "leveled up" in our concert preparation last weekend. I am thrilled that we no longer need to stop during the run-thrus. Continue to review ALL of your music DAILY until the concert. Look for the details and how you can get better at the nuances such as dynamics and articulation. 

A few words about the final rehearsal:
1. Be IN YOUR SEAT on stage at the Palladium at 1:25pm on Sunday. 
2. You may wear casual clothes to the rehearsal and change later. (Or wear your concert clothes to the rehearsal.)
3. A few of you will sit in slightly different locations on stage, since the stage is bigger than our rehearsal room.
4. Rehearsal order is:
    -1:25 Tuning
    -1:30 Sinfonie
    -1:45 Shannon Falls
    -2:00 Dance
    -2:15 Run thru

Thank you for being part of IYO Philharmonic! You are blossoming musicians, and I am proud of your work this fall! The concert is going to be a lot of fun on Sunday. 

See you Sunday,
Mrs. Ohly-Davis

The Palladium at The Center for the Performing Arts
 1 Carter Green, Carmel, IN 46032
  • 1:15pm Arrival and find seats
  • 1:30-2:30 pm Philharmonic Orchestra dress rehearsal
  • 2:30-4:30pm Philharmonic Orchestra break - sign out with parent & return by 4:30pm OR you may quietly wait backstage. Bring a snack & homework, etc.
  • 4:30 pm Doors open – call time for Philharmonic members
Do not arrive AT your assigned time – arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure that you are onstage and ready to begin rehearsal on time. Please prepare for the extra time needed for parking and/or walking.
Parents, please drop students off at the circle drive near the corner of 3rd Ave SW and City Center Dr. Musicians should enter through the northwest security door located there. Note: Please arrive in concert attire if at all possible.

Philharmonic Orchestra members: due to the long break between rehearsal and performance time, you will have the option to sign out (leave the Palladium with a parent). If you decide to stay, please bring a book, homework, snack and be prepared to wait quietly during Symphony Orchestra rehearsal.
Instrument cases can be stored backstage – please follow posted directions or ask a parent volunteer for instructions.
Concert Attire – Philharmonic and Symphony
Concert attire for Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras is black bottoms and black tops. 
  • Bottoms should be dress slacks or skirts (floor length). 
  • Black blouse, collared, or button-up dress shirts are acceptable.  Shirts must be ¾ sleeve minimum. No sleeveless shirts or tank tops. 
  • Black dress is acceptable as long as it is floor length and sleeves are ¾ length.
  • Black tux jacket/suit jacket can be worn with white dress shirt and black bow tie.
  • Black dress shoes and black dress socks should be worn with slacks. Black hose must be worn with skirts. Black calf-length socks should be worn with slacks. No bare feet in shoes. Tennis shoes or hiking boots are not appropriate for performance.
  • No conspicuous jewelry or makeup, please.
Concert Seating
Families do not need to purchase tickets for musicians. During the concert, there will be a section of seats dedicated just to musicians when not performing. Additionally, musicians may sit with their families provided they sit in open seats. Please stay for the duration of the concert.
Tickets are available through the Palladium Box Office.  Call 317.843.3800 or purchase online at
The box office will be open two hours before the performance.
Concert Details
  • The performance should last approximately 1 ½ hours.
  • There will be merchandise for sale BEFORE the concert: IYO water bottles, tote bags, and stickers. (Clothing orders can also be picked up at the merchandise table)
  • Students are expected to stay for the entire concert.
  • The concert will NOT be live streamed, but will be video-recorded.  Following the concert you will receive information on purchasing a video-recording that you can download directly to your own device.

Student Sponsor Update
Congrats to these students who have met their $100 minimum in Student Sponsor donations! *Denotes sticker earned for $150+ in donations.
*Becca Allen, Symphony
*Mary Anderson, Philharmonic
Maria Bryan, Symphony
*Mason Cannady, Symphony
*Downs, Paige, Philharmonic
Gayle Dunnuck, Symphony
Laurel Granlund, Symphony
*Adele Gropp, Philharmonic
Howard Gu, Philharmonic
Lauren Hubbard, Symphony
*Adia Jackman, Philharmonic
*Adelaide Mabanta, Philharmonic
Gretchen Malloch, Symphony
*Auggie Meeks, Concert
*Eli Marti, Philharmonic
*Prudy Peng, Philharmonic
*Leo-Paul Perrin, Philharmonic
*Julia Riner, Symphony
*Andrew Strawhacker, Symphony
*Noah Strawhacker, Symphony
Meera Venugopal, Concert
Maggie Weiss, Concert
*Maddie Xu, Symphony 
*Ben Baskin, Symphony
*Mary Eifert, Symphony
*Brandon Farber, Symphony
Tina Gou, Concert
Amelya Hughes, Concert
Cecily Hughes, Symphony
Julian Lee, Symphony
*Ayana Murphy, Concert
*Ethan Murphy, Symphony
*Faith Murphy, Symphony
Madeline Sargent, Philharmonic
Angie Xiu, Philharmonic
*Micah Young, Symphony
*Jackson Williams, Concert
*Justin Li, Philharmonic
*Mullis, Taylor, Concert
Retif, Preston, Concert
*Kendall, Lara, Symphony
Vijay, Akshaya, Philharmonic
Zhanqu Su, Symphony
Zhancheng Su, Philharmonic
*Riya Rink. Philharmonic
*Brian Huang, Philharmonic
Ian Dugger, Symphony
*Emily Barbus, Symphony
Quinn Murray, Philharmonic
*Evan Li, Symphony
Chloe Snyder, Philharmonic
James McConnell, Philharmonic
Audrey Ko, Symphony
Lucy Ko, Concert
Charlotte Kob, Philharmonic
*Daniel Hendrix, Symphony
*Nolan Beck, Philharmonic
Shehan Wu, Symphony
Charis Collins, Symphony
Elise Collins, Symphony
*Charlie Meadows, Symphony
*Charlie Epstein, Symphony
*Faith Wessel, Philharmonic
Read more about Student Sponsorships here. Here are 2 ways we've set up to help you raise your donations:
Send this link to potential student sponsors:
Customize your own social media fundraiser here:
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