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Long time no see. We kinda disappeared there for a while. But we are back now...Hi! 

So, this edition is all about announcements in the ever-interesting world of AR/VR.

Prepared for a bundle of joy during the Holiday season? Good! Because this is when the magic starts to happen. Specially since big players in the industry have made major releases that will shape our upcoming 2018. 

Let's take a look...

Awesome Announcements

AWS Launches Amazon Sumerian

AWS recently launched Amazon Sumerian, a 3d editor to build multi-platform experiences that run on hardware like the Oculus, HTC Vive, and iOS devices using WebVR compatible browsers. They have promised that support for ARcore and Android is coming soon. 

Hello Magic Leap One!

Magic Leap finally announced Magic Leap one. An AR headset to compete with Hololens. It includes a pair of round-lensed goggles with audio and external camera sensors called Lightwear. A handheld controller with touchpad and a "round computer system that clips to your body" called Lightpack. The Creator SDK will be available early 2018. 

Daydream Impact for Social Awareness

Recently Google launched a program called Daydream Impact to help organizations use virtual reality to inspire, connect and bring change. They want to train people on how to create VR videos, improve access to the necessary equipment and show them how VR can be used to tackle big challenges.

Mozilla's WebXR Viewer App

Mozilla launched an iOS app to experiment with WebAR. The app is built on ARkit and it lets you view web pages created using Mozilla’s own JavaScript library. This lib features sample code from a proposed API for building AR and VR applications in web browsers.

Facebook Opens AR Studio to Developers 

Facebook's studio is now in open beta. So developers can start building AR experiences for its Camera Effects Platform that includes "World Effects" - kinda like Snapchat's World Lenses, that augment your environment with 3D objects rather than just your selfies. The competition is on! 

Snapchat Releases Lens Studio-

Like Facebook, Snapchat also released its AR developer tool, Lens Studio a design app for Mac and Windows. This happened the same week! Now developers can also create World Lenses for Snap. Let the games begin! 

On a Special Note: 

On Dec 17 A-Frame was celebrating its 1st birthday with very cool community demos, like this Stranger Things WebVR experience. 

Upcoming Events

1. Mozilla reps WebVR Camps  Jan 2018 India 
2. CES 2018 Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality 9-12 Jan 2018 Las Vegas USA 
3. Workshops by Make+Think+Code@PNCA Feb 2018 in Portland USA
4. WebVR (re)visited CodeNode March 27 2018 London UK
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