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A new edition of the newsletter is here - and yes! The community has been busy during the month of July. Lot's of great ideas (some even cinematic), makery experiments and interesting developments in this issue.

Reminder that if you have a project, post or event you'd like to share with us, please don't hesitate to send it our way and we'll include it in the next editions. 

Hope you enjoy this one. 

Top Stories

Made With Blocks in A-Frame! 
by @Fasility_VR

Great way to create 3d models for WebVR/WebAR. FasilityVR have been using a-frame to build Google's "made with blocks" models with environments. There any many low poly and more complex models to choose from to personalize and share your experience. 

QRcode detection in Chromium WebAR 

So, GoogleVR has implemented QR code detection and AR makers, inside the new version of Chromium WebAR prototype. I wonder what they are trying to say with this? That markers are still very much AR for "real"? 

Apple Joins WebVR Community -
Tweet by Brandon Jones

Yes! It has finally happened! Three Apple engineers joined the WebVR Community Group. They were the only ones missing  in the group all of the major web browsers are represented! The three members are "long-time Multimedia and Software Standards representative Dave Singer, Senior Front-End Developer Brandel Zachernuk, and WebGL Spec Editor Dean Jackson." - taken from UploadVR

AR.js Supports Tango 
Post by Jerome Etienne

This means your AR.js application can now run without any markers! It supports multiple tracking backends. Currently, it supports two of them: one is marker based using pure web tech, and the other one is tango. ARKit support is being implemented and should be available before its public release! 

Movie Dunkirk Gets WebVR Video Game

Post by VRfocus

The game, created by Jam3, takes the viewer into each of the film’s three perspectives: land, sea and air. I don't know about the movie but the WebVR experience for Chrome sounds pretty cool! Also, it has been nominated for an award 

Showing Off The Community

WebVR Experiments by Google
Find the latest WebVR experiments in this collection by Google. This image here is from "Konterball" by Wild. Also, there's a lot of useful resources about getting started on WebVR. 
Sketchfab Hackathon
The guys at Sketchfab recently hosted a Hackathon in their NYC offices. The teams worked over night! The 1st place winner was this A-Frame GUI. Other awesome finalists and honorable mentions  on the list 
Mobile Controller - by Matt DesLauriers
Creative developer Matt has been using WebSocket and AR.js "to create a quick and dirty mobile controller for a desktop 3d experience" We are loving the innovation! 
SceneVR - by NUKnightLab
Great tool by NUKnightLab for creating sharable, embeddable WebVR stories. It will allow you to create unique 360° narratives with your photos. It's a work in progress but the idea is pretty cool! 
AFrame + AR.js experiments  - by Andres Cuervo 
Andres has been doing some interesting demos with AR.js and AFrame. He has been working on fun content, recently using multimarkers. From bubbles to refraction he is definitely in a creative mood! 
WebAR mobile experiment by Hugo Piquemal
Interesting (in-progress) mobile experiment to make music with augmented reality in the browser. With an iOS device Hugo built this using AR.js and three.js! 
Rapid Prototyping  - by alusion on Metaverse Lab
Using Google Blocks, WebVR, & IPFS, this project log shows us how to build a WebVR experience without code using janusVR! 
Interesting things happened at SIGGRAPH this year, including a session on AR.js, discussions on a HTLM-like WebVR language, talks on WebGL & more. Checkout the live streaming of some sessions. 
Two Way Portal  - by Jerome Etienne 
Going to another dimensions through this portal on my desktop and then coming back. Done with AR.js running on markers. A lot of you guys liked it. Thanks for the support! 


  • A lot of events for the month of WebVR - by Mozilla Reps in India - link
  • WebVR Camp in Managua - by Mozilla Reps Nicaragua - link
  • WebVR Camp in Makerere University - by Mozilla Reps in Uganda - link
  • How to build WebVR by Made in NY Media Center by IFP - link
  • WebVR with A-Frame by The Public VR Lab USA  - link
Did we miss something? Don't hesitate to send us your links, projects, or ideas via Twitter....and if you like it, share it with your friends ;) 

Until next time! 

Jerome & Alexandra Etienne 
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