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This is already the WebXR Newsletter #3! We are trying a new layout with more pics. AR/VR are visual fields, so we though the newsletter deserved more images! There's also some more description on news, demos, apps and events. Let us know what you think.

We hope you enjoy it! 

Top Stories

A-Frame v0.6.0 Released! - by A-Frame team

"A-Frame is there to help you travel from world to world" This exciting release features support for WebVR 1.1 API. It also comes with cool things such as link traversal, portals, controller support for Daydream and GearVR, and a component for laser interactions. Great job from the a-frame team! 

WebVR Showroom - by Little Workshop

This caught our eye! Beautiful demo for decorating your apartment in WebVR. It is an interior visualization built with WebGL. You can customize objects around the room and have fun redesigning your ideal home. 

Sketch by Phone - by Marmelab

This mobile app will help you draw (or tattoo) whatever design you want. Similar idea than SketchAR but, with Sketch by Phone, the app works on any mobile, not only on Tango. Built with web technologies, it uses AR.js, Hammer.js, and React.js. It includes a full tutorial! Plus it's all open-source and available on github.

Showing Off The Community

Showing room availability in AR by Lisi Linhart and Marcel Freinbichler
They are 2 students who did a great AR application in their school. The idea is to handle room availability. Very practical application of AR. It even runs on IOS11! Great work! :) Link
More on babylon.js and WebVR - by David Rousset
He is doing some intense webvr testing for babylon.js v3 using both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Btw did you know that @babylonjs is on twitter now ? :) Link
Using AR directly on slides - by Jerome Etienne
I did a talk at DublinOSS meetup and got this crazy idea! "it would be great to put augmented reality directly on the slides" :) So i simply put a marker on the slides. It was a bit risky but it went well. It is a great way to make the whole audience to experience AR during a talk - Link 
WebVR slides - by Thomas Balouet. This is a great way to embed your slides inside your WebVR with a-frame. It was done with a slideshow-component also developed by Fabien Benetou - Link 
I am a Fox demo - by Karan Ganesan. 
Karan developed a wonderful and instructive demo called "I am a Fox" It was built for education purposes with a-frame WebVR and supported by the Mozilla Learning community - Link
WebVR Minecraft Clone 
This is an awesome Blocks demo built with networked-aframe. Hayden Lee shared it on
this tweet. We think it's a very cool way to bring Minecraft universe to WebVR! - Link
A-frame hand-controls demo - by Andres Cuervo
He spent some time getting a-frame hand-controls to play nicely with Dat.GUI in VR Nice experimentation and results in the middle of the night! Bravo! - Link
List of companies doing stuff with WebXR-  by Peter O'Shaughnessy from Samsung . He has put together and shared google docs list of companies doing WebAR/WebVR with the link to their projects and info. Feel free to add your suggestions. Cool initiative! That will help people communicate together - Link
GDG Chennai Meetup - by Karan Ganesan
People in this July meetup in India explored WebAR plyaground and it looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pics. We love to see all those smiley faces - Link

On the Edge

WebVR UI library using ReactVR -  by Hristo Georgiev
Hristo recently started prototyping a WebVR UI library using Facebook's ReactVR at the WebVRIncubator. This is definitely cutting edge material! Like him, we are excited to see how it progresses - Link
Multi-user experience in VR - by Jan Azzati 
Nice experiment using a-frame WebVR and WebRT.
The scene explores synced entities. Using physics makes it all more realistic and immersive. There have been new developments: Link
Adding something new to existing a-frame demos:
Hayden Lee is adding Networked-aframe 0.2 to a-frame VR night club demo! In his own words "get ready to boogey in WebVR" - Link


Did we miss something? Don't hesitate to send us your links, projects, or ideas via Twitter....and if you like it, share it with your friends ;) 

Until next time! 

Jerome & Alexandra Etienne 
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