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Happy New Year!

In 2019 ET4U will invite for another exciting MEETINGS Video and Performance Festival from August 30 to September 8 at the rural Danish west coast.
During 2019 we will host a number of international artists on residences at various western Jutland sites, where the artists will create new video and performance works based on their meeting with the area. The finished works will be presented during the festival in untraditional places - here where they are created.

New works will be created in the village Fjaltring by Hanne Nielsen (DK) and Birgit Johnsen (DK), in Thorsminde by Ragnhild May (DK) and Douwe Dijkstra (NL), in Sdr. Nissum by Louise K. Wilson (UK) and Michal Kindernay (CZ) as well as in Bøvlingbjerg by Sharmila Samant (IN). In addition, Lea Petrikova (CZ) and Jan Rousek (CZ) will explore the area around Nissum Fjord with ET4U's trailer as their workplace. From here, before and during the festival, they will convey impressions from both the MEETINGS projects, the festival and the area as such. Author Malte Tellerup (DK) will also convey impressions from the Nissum Fjords area - in writing and as part of the MEETINGS program.

During the MEETINGS Festival ET4U will also present a number of video and performance works, which in various ways relate to the "site" and the "meeting" - but seen from other angles of the world than the central and western Jutland. We will get back to these works and other new surprising festival events in future newsletters, where we will also elaborate on who, what, where and how the process progresses with the new MEETINGS works.


ET4U thanks for financial support
MEETINGS 2018-19 is, like MEETINGS 2016-17, supported by the Cultural Agreement for Central and Western Jutland 2015-18, Lemvig Municipality, Central Denmark Region and The Obel Family Foundation.
For the second part of the project, we have also received support from the Supplementary Agreement 2019 for the Cultural Agreement for Central and Western Jutland 2015-18, and we have again received support from the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Visual Arts Project Funding. In addition, we have received support from 3F's Media and Culture Fund and a generous private donation from a couple of members of the association ET4U.
Many thanks to all our donors who make MEETINGS possible!
MEETINGS: is a 4-year video and performance project taking place in Central and West Jutland, Denmark. We invite international artists for residences, and here they create new video and performance works dealing with, taking place in, and produced in the meeting with the local area. The works are new and artistic reflections on the area seen from the outside. MEETINGS creates art related to where we live, and the works are shown in untraditional places and locations around Nissum Fjord.
FESTIVAL: MEETINGS includes two festivals - the first festival took place in September 2017, and the other festival opens officially in Thorsminde on August 30 and lasts until September 8, 2019. The festival presents the new video and performance works that are produced for MEETINGS. In addition, the festival presents a number of works also relating to "the site" and "the meeting", but seen from other corners of the world than Central and West Jutland. MEETINGS invites for an open symposium in Thorsminde from 29 August to 2 September, 2019.
ADMISSION: There is free access to all events. Board and lodging at the symposium is paid for.
ORGANIZED by: The ET4U Association in collaboration with a number of associations, institutions, communities and individuals in Central and West Jutland.
SUPPORT: MEETINGS is supported financially by the Cultural Agreement for Central and Western Jutland 2015-19, Lemvig Municipality, Central Denmark Region, European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, The Obel Family Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation, 3F's Media and Culture Fund, and private sponsors.
WEB: Follow the ET4U website:, Facebook: @ ET4U.on.wheels and Instagram: @ et4u
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