Okay, look: I don't want to make excuses, but we all know this "Part II" is late. And, at current count, even though I've been doing Bleeders' Digest for a full year, there are only (now) 11 issues. Many of you are aware of the struggles in the early part of the year; it didn't start well and my family went through a period of grief...and are still grieving. Although I plan to continue to put out the horror fiction newsletter literally no one asked for, there may be times life gets in the way for personal or health reasons and I hope that's okay. I'm not receiving any income; only satisfaction from this. So clearly other things may occasionally take priority, even if it's only my mental health.

So now that I've laid bare my guilt-laden soul for everyone...

Welcome to Part II of what I started...well over a month ago. But if I have one goal it's always to finish what I start. You hear that to read/to write pile? I'll finish you one day, one by one.
But you didn't come here for my threats  A good many of you didn't come here at all; this came to you. At any rate, let's get moving, right? 


Like in the inaugural issue and the one before this, I'd like to highlight some of the more memorable stories I've come across in my time with horror podcasts. And what better podcasts to discuss than the two biggest on my list.

Brace yourself. You can't talk about horror podcasts without bringing up one of the most prolific and popular (and for good reason). Theirs is a little harder to build a guide for as their episodes contain more than one story. More than a few if you're a paying subscriber, which unfortunately I am not. Only so much to go around, you know. Although maybe that will change with the new job.

That doesn't mean I haven't built up a bank of memorable listens made all the better by their diverse cast of voice actors. It's because of NoSleep that I've become familiar with the likes of David Ault, Erika Sanderson, Peter Lewis and many more who have recently graced the pages at the Wicked Library as well. In fact, Mister Lewis recently gave a wonderful performance for a piece I wrote on the Wicked Library, but we're not here to talk about least not all the time.

No, we're here to talk about stories I like. Some of these stories take root because of the voice acting, like a rare turn as the victim by Peter Lewis in The Siren & The Hound (Season 10/Episode 16). Peter is frequently typecast as the creepy villain, even if a story may not always immediately start that way. But Peter has been given more opportunities in the recent years to flex his acting muscles and his performances are all the stronger for it. Even when he rode the fence in Bottom of the Barrel (Halloween 2017), I found his character to be compelling. Just be sure not to be eating during Dad's Famous Preserves (S10/E23). I could go on and on but then I’d be neglecting many more fine stories and cast members.

Like Erika Sanderson, whose performance in both Seaside Pub stories is as remarkable as ever, along with her supporting players. The second part sadly received mixed reviews, undeservedly panned by some, though I thought both parts were brilliant and certainly well-performed.
And, before I get into a long, drawn out thing about every cast member, it might be best to go by the stories and in a more organized list format. Just remember, even my lists are sad and limited representations of all these podcasts have to offer and to explore their vast catalogues for yourselves.
For this, we will go with the five episodes that most easily pop into my mind (not already listed) and in random order. Memory may be skewed by time.

1. The Murder in My Backyard (S8/E10)
2. Full Bloom (S11/E6)
3. Diary of a Woman with Cataplexy (S8/E2)
4. What Happens When the Stars Go Out (S10/Valentine's Bonus)
5. Mrs Willison’s Homemade Jam (S8/E17)
All right, you knew this was comin. Can't make a list like this without the podcast that started it all for me.
As I am prone to go on and on about the Wicked Library in other locations as well as here (we all know how much I love it), perhaps I’d best restrict this to a list of the first to come clearest to mind. And where I’ve referenced stories before I’ll come up with new offerings so as not to repeat myself.

Now this is where things get complicated…unless you support the Wicked Library on much of the back catalogue is locked safely away in a vault. Every now and then the creatures kept there claw their way free, but even then it’s rare. So I will do my best to confine my recommendations to the available seasons. Again, I’ll do 5 in no particular order.

1. The Rags on his Back
2. Fish/The Blackest Curse (they were consecutive in season 6 so they’ll tie)
3. A Job’s A Job/All of the Above (this was a great season, having to look at what was available may have skewed results slightly)
4. Highway 16
5. Bleedthrough
Gah, I want to list so many more…and go back further than Stitcher will allow! I guess John Clewarth is safe as I’ve already talked about Amelia’s Labyrinth…but have I brought up Twitter/blog buddy Ricardo Victoria’s cosmic horror Bone Peyote? Or any of Gwendolyn Kiste’s wonderful work? Or one of the Wicked Library’s brightest gems in the weird and wonderful Madeleine Swan? She had that great bizarro episode on which the always amazing Jessica McHugh lent her voice. There’s too many great stories and lovely people behind them, I tell you, TOO MANY.

And yet I will never get enough.

The Endless To-Read

In the interest of time and incompleteness (haha), I've decided to just list the books I have highest/most overdue on my to-read list and provide links so that maybe you can add them to your lists, too. Right now, I'm ovaries deep into the final couple volumes of The Sandman series or I'd be jumping back on board with these right now. Hopefully my recent lack of interest in video games persists for the duration...also, there is some writing I should be getting to as well, but that's a whole other list!
That about does it for this installment of Bleeders' Digest. Be sure to check out the back catalogues of the featured podcasts, which include last month's appearances of The Drabblecast and Pseudopod!
And, of course, if you should want more from me for some odd reason or another, you can always go here.
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