#6 Unexpected Legacy

Everyone loses someone who is truly dear to them one day. It is odd to experience, actually. Slowly but surely you begin to feel in all respects what someone means to you - only when that someone has not been around anymore for a while.

If you have a friend that misses this person as badly as you do, there is tremendous comfort in mutual contact with this friend. As brothers, we’ve been grateful for a long time sharing the joy of our adventures. But now, we also discover that we can simultaneously share profound grief and loss. Both of us in our own way of course, yet divisible. It somehow gives grace to this episode and makes it even more bearable. Creating something new together from this base feels almost impossible to describe.

A few months before we knew we were going to say goodbye to our beloved father, his best friend Harry passed away. We were asked to write a song for Harry, which we sat down for on a Saturday afternoon. It already happened while tuning the guitar. Steef only rattled 2 chords and Marcel sang a small melodyline. We looked at each other - and not even 5 minutes later we got this brand new song recorded on the phone. No trace of electro-like vibes here, merely modest phrases on a strumming, rocky guitar part. We left it alone and wrote the song for the friend.

Months later, when our father had passed away for some time, we came across the recording again. It turned out to be the start of a new direction we never thought possible.

Eventually, we counted 50 sketches. Thanks to a friend, we could work several times in an improvised mobile studio ‘in the air’. An office that overlooks the city of Alkmaar on the left, the dunes at the right and beyond. While Corona Life took place in the depths below us, we could work and just be together at this calm place at height. It was just there where we sniffed piles of material quietly for weekends. And again like that one afternoon, just a guitar and a piano, looking at each other as new harmonies entered the room.

Now we got more than 20 songs arising. Is this residue only due to our father? We think not. But it is clear to us that the shared experience and love for this man is somehow related to the unexpected legacy to come.

Have a great day,

Marcel & Stefan

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