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A few tips on surviving the festive season

Hi everyone,

It's that time of year when we’re at our busiest, when more alcohol is consumed, sleep is compromised and little attention is paid to our health and wellbeing, leaving us wide open for pesky colds and flu. This newsletter will provide you with simple solutions to avoid such pitfalls, allowing you to keep your energy levels up and enjoy the Christmas Holiday!

I'm also excited to introduce the new FRESH START PROGRAMME which we have already piloted and is ready to go in January. This programme is an amazing opportunity for those seeking to reboot their diet, lose weight and improve their well-being. It’s a 3 week programme with all the accompanying easy to follow recipes, including a two week meal planner. The programme will provide online support and guidance throughout from two registered Nutritional Therapists, myself and my colleague Alexis Prior. Look out for more details in the next few days.

Prioritise sleep & increase your melatonin

With darker days upon us our bodies crave sleep, and not getting enough is detrimental to our health, especially our immunity. Melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland, is highly dependent on our circadian (night and day) rhythm and very important for our well-being.

Our bodies make melatonin when it's dark, it's important for our sleep and wake cycles and is a powerful antioxidant - think of it as something that ensures a good night's sleep and sweeps up the debris after a day of metabolising.  

Limiting the amount of blue light from screens in the evening is a good strategy in order to allow melatonin levels to naturally rise. This can be achieved by avoiding screens a few hours before bed or investing in orange/blue light blocking glasses. This one small change can have a real benefit on your quality of sleep. 

Invest in a good breakfast

In my experience most people feel better on a good breakfast.  Eating breakfast provides various benefits; it stabilises your blood sugar, mood and prevents over eating later in the day. 

I appreciate that a lot of diet trends encourage fasting which may involve skipping breakfast, however, at this busy time of year most of us will do better with some eggs or porridge inside us. If you do want to fast, try an overnight 12 hour fast which could be having dinner at 7.30pm and breakfast at 7.30am. Many clients have reported improved sleep and energy following this type of pattern. 

Breakfast ideas
Delicious omelettes, avocado on toast with lemon and black pepper, boiled eggs with dippy asparagus soldiers, warming porridge with berry compote, nuts and seeds and eat it within an hour of waking. 
Me, myself time

When we’re rushing around with the ‘never enough time to do everything' mindset we’re constantly triggering our sympathetic nervous system, also known as fight and flight, which is not good for us long term (think faster ageing, poor digestion, fatigue). However, when we relax, do something we love, meditate, practice yoga, do tasks more slowly, we’re more likely to be activating our parasympathetic nervous system, and this allows the body to rest, digest and detox.

So what can you do to help this process:

Calm app - I’m loving this app, its just 10 minutes of guided meditations daily, culminating in a useful and positive quote to set you up for the day and to help put things into perspective.  I use it regularly myself and notice I’m far less reactive to stressful situations these days and clients report similar effects.  You can try it for 7 days free of charge, plus it has great sleep stories to get you off to sleep.  Why not give it a go - everyone has 10 minutes.  

Slow yourself down, even doing things 25% slower can calm the stress response. When you're doing things quickly your body is on high alert.

Limit the mulit-tasking, difficult I know but worth bearing in mind! Too much sensory input can activate the stress response.   

Find time to do things you love and enjoy, and know, that if you’re happier then everyone around you will benefit.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and relaxed Christmas.

Working with you towards better health, 


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