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What are you seeking?

No one calls faith conversations “tests,” and still we set elephant size expectations of ourselves when we discuss the bible and our faith. It’s the myth that someone other than yourself knows the “right” questions to ask; that using “churchy” words is the only way to talk about faith; that you have to have the right words to find the right answers.

This Lent I invite you to join me in setting aside this foolishness. Seeking is a spiritual practice open to all of us. Questions are how assumptions are disrupted, a new perspective is revealed, mystery grows, faith deepens. Questions keep us curious, open, nimble to God’s call, God’s people, and God’s blessings. A good question is an honest question.

This Lent we are all encouraged to ask questions. Our questions won't necessarily lead to answers, but they can help us find clarity and a new perspective. Ultimately, we pray our seeking will lead to a new beginning, a restoration, a wider grace. Our worship will be guided by a new question each week. We’ll read stories of Jesus encountering people who are seeking many things: clarity, connection, wonder, justice, balance. So let’s get ready with a question:

This Lent, what are you seeking?

For me, I come to this season of Lent seeking centering. The pandemic required lots of flexibility and kept us in constant uncertainty. I come to Lent seeking an anchor - mentally and spiritually. What are you seeking? Let’s open our minds to the scriptures we hear these next 40 days and listen together for the life-giving things God is speaking to us.


Pastor Liz

Daily Prayer Devotion

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Week of Ash Wednesday | Wednesday


God, if I am seeking a legacy, let me seek the right one. Let me not be distracted by shiny, fleeting things. Do not let me get sucked into the whirlpool of ego and insecurity. Instead, give me the wisdom to sink into you, allowing any legacy of mine to grow from and toward you. Amen.

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Kevin M. Nye is a writer on theology, homelessness, culture, and grace, working toward ending homelessness by engaging best practices.

Thursday Evening Series

Seeking more? Come out to the Mission House for an informal gathering of bible study and discussion using artwork and the artist commentary inspired by Sunday’s scriptures. Dessert will be served. We’ll meet 6:30 pm - 8 pm. Thursdays in Lent: March 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30.

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Artwork: “Tune In” by Lisle Gwynn Garrity. Inspired by Matthew 4:1-11 (Week 1). Silk painting with digital drawing and collage. Lisle Gwynn Garrity | A Sanctified Art LLC |

Lent At A Glance

Sunday, February 26

Jesus is Tempted in the Wilderness | Matthew 4:1-11

Who will you listen to?

Sunday, March 5

Nicodemus come to Jesus | John 3:1-17

How do we begin again?

Holy Communion

Sunday, March 12 Scout Sunday

Jesus seeks out a Samaritan woman at the well | John 4:5-42

Will you give me a drink?

Sunday School Pancake Breakfast 10:30 am

Meeting - Easter Breakfast Planning

Sunday, March 19

Jesus and the disciples encounter a blind man | John 9:8-41

Who sinned?

Sunday, March 26

Ezekial’s Vision | Ezekial 37:1-14 and Jesus raises Lazarus | John 11:1-45

Can these bones lives?

Saturday, April 1 Kids Holy Week Walk

A station walk through the stories of Holy Week. 10 am

Sunday, April 2 Palm Sunday

Where are you headed?

Visit with miniature donkey Katie.

Thursday, April 6 Maundy Thursday

Will you wash my feet?

Holy Communion and The Last Supper Presentation at 7 pm.

Friday, April 7 Good Friday

Why have you forsaken me?

A service of word and shadows at 7 pm.

Sunday, April 9 Easter Sunday

Who are you looking for?

7 am Sunrise Worship Service

8-9:30 am Breakfast

9:30 am Worship Service

10:30 am Kids Easter Egg Hunt

What do you see?

The Seeking series logo “eye” summarizes the theme of seeking and includes references to this Lent’s scripture narratives. A Sanctified Art |

  • Can you see the arial view of a well, the water basin at the foot-washing, or the stone and tombs of Lazarus and Jesus?

  • Can you see the drop of mud? Jesus’ rubbed mud into the blind man's eyes, the garden of Gethsemane.

  • Can you see the drop of water? At the well, Jesus asks a Samaritan woman for a drink and offers her living water. Jesus meets the blind man at the pool of Siloam. Jesus washes the disciples' feet. The water drop can also reference a tear; Jesus weeps at the mouth of his friend Lazarus' tomb, and Mary weeps at the mouth of Jesus' tomb.

  • Can you see the vessel? The vessel represents: the jar the woman leaves behind at the well after meeting Jesus, the jar of sour wine offered to Jesus while on the cross, and the communion cup present at our remembrance of Christ's sacrifice.

  • Can you see the star? Nicodemus finds and questions Jesus at night, and Mary comes to the tomb while it is still dark. Also, the star represents the glistening of recognition in one's eye.

  • Can you see the leaf? leaf- The leaf represents the foliage present throughout the texts: the garden imagery, Jesus' humble entry into Jerusalem and the crowds waving palm branches.