The Women in Tech Show June Edition.
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June Edition

Episodes that aired on June: 

Data-Driven with Rya Sciban
Leading Microsoft with Kathleen Hogan
Human-Robot Interaction with Kate Darling
Scaling Compaq with Karen Walker

Interesting reads:
Carol Dweck revisits the 'Growth Mindset'
The growth mindset is not just about effort. It is also about seeking for help when you are stuck on something.
Watch for a fixed-mindset reaction when you face challenges. Do you feel overly anxious, or does a voice in your head warn you away?
Children beating up robot inspires new escape maneuver system
Children are asked to hold upside down a Barbie, hamster, and a Furby. They fear they are hurting the hamster and the Furby, although they know Furby is a robot. However, in some situations children don't show empathy for robots.

Give robots 'personhood' status EU committee argues
Europe is working to create a legal framework in the field of robotics. It will address the risk that robots result in large-scale unemployment. They are exploring basic income as one solution.
If I create a robot, and that robot creates something that could be patented, should I own that patent or should the robot?
Compaq Computers: Rod Canion, "How I Built This" podcast interview
Rod Canion, Co-Founder and first CEO of Compaq explains how they shaped an entire industry by building the first IBM-compatible personal computer. 

Why do companies raise money via an IPO vs private capital?
Moisey Uretsky, Co-Founder of DigitalOcean, lists the reasons: trust, Limited Partners liquidity, Shareholder liquidity, leverage, increased valuation.

Becoming a Data Driven Organization
Being data driven becomes part of the culture of an organization. Common standards, methods and tools need to be established.

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