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A Message from the Editor, Christina Carlson AP XIX

While we could never hope to replace our friend Dorothée, nevertheless, the work of the Guild required hiring someone to fill the administrative assistant position she recently vacated. We are very fortunate to have done that. Katherine Conner is our new AA. A recent graduate of Iona College, with a double major in English and Mass Communications, Katherine is ideally qualified to help the Board and Guild committees as we move forward with the work of the tactical arenas.

The members of the Board have already had the opportunity to meet with Katherine via Zoom, but we wanted to give our whole membership a chance to get to know her here:


3 questions with Katherine Conner:

1) Tell us about yourself--what are the essentials you want us to know about you?

I am from Crestwood, NY, where I attended Catholic elementary school, before attending high school at Our Lady of Good Counsel Academy and Loyola School. My interest in media began in high school, and I pursued it in earnest in college at Iona. I enjoy working at cause-oriented places; I interned with B-corporation Greyston Bakery, in addition to a feminist media network. I look forward to working with the members of the Guild in further understanding spirituality and our place within it.


2) What are your first impressions about the Guild?

I love the idea of coming at spirituality from multiple angles. Coming at the esoteric concept of spirituality from a concrete, familiar perspective is incredibly appealing to me. I appreciate that the Guild looks at things like psychology and the environment to understand our place within spirituality.


3) What unique gifts/skills/talents do you think you bring to the position?

My interests very much align with my college majors; I deeply enjoy video production, reading, and writing. I hope to be able to bring a new perspective on things like social media, and furthering the message of the Guild in the digital age.

Recently, our Board chair Holly Moore commented, “Katherine, you are an answer to prayer.  Your skills, your attitude, your personality are the perfect fit for us now.” I couldn’t agree more, and am delighted to welcome Katherine to the Guild. I hope you will do likewise when you have the chance. 

Katherine has taken over email account, so if you have any questions, or just want to introduce yourself, send her an email and say hi!

New Website

We have a new website!

After months of work, the website committee is ready to reveal our updated site. Thanks to Cindi Mitchell, who served as committee chair, Cari Keith, and Steve Allen for their tireless work on the content, and Elliot Tommen, who served as a consultant and helped make the committee’s vision a reality. The website is going live next week; please check it out at

Graduate Circle

The Graduate Circle has two major offerings coming in September:


The Fall Retreat

Due to continued concerns about Covid-19, the Fall Graduate Retreat, "The Secret at the Heart of the World: Teilhard de Chardin on the Evolution of Love," facilitated by Louis Savary and scheduled for September 18-19, 2020, will be moved to a Zoom format. Registration is now open, and you can do so here.

Did you love the Teilhard strand during your AP experience? Or did you perhaps find it challenging? Either way, the fall retreat offers a unique opportunity to revisit Teilhard’s work in a way that will both deepen and clarify our understanding. This retreat promises to be a profound exploration of the life and teachings of one of the Guild’s foundational thinkers. 

Louis M. Savary, received a S.T.D. in spiritual theology from Catholic University of America. He has lectured, led workshops, taught classes and written books about Teilhard's spirituality. His goal has been making Teilhard's ideas practical and useful, especially for those who find his ideas difficult to understand and apply in their own lives.

Coffee Café

As promised, the Coffee Café will resume in September! We are looking forward to being together again, to listening, and to sharing the wisdom that so richly encouraged us as we journeyed with one another from winter to spring.

As we plan for the reopening of the café, we need your help. In an effort to create a café that will best meet your needs and take place at a time when you are available, we would like everyone who is interested in attending the café to answer a few questions. Please take a few minutes to respond to the questions below and send your responses to Sue Robinson: Thanks for your help.

  1. What type of café presentations did you find most helpful or interesting? For example: quotes, poems, meditations, or timely topics.
  2. Do you have suggestions for presentation topics?
  3. Would you be willing to bring a topic for discussion to the café? 
  4. Would you be interested in being a cohost for the café?
  5. What time would be best for you to join us for the café—morning, afternoon, or evening.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in September!

Global Outreach

Global outreach has two new programs coming this fall:

Poetry 4 Kids

Exposure to free verse poetry offers an opportunity for children to address feelings of loneliness, anxiety, compassion, joy, inclusion, and hope. Along with the rhythm of words and a discussion of the content, children will be exposed to a meditative practice of art for expression. Creativity allows one to find their unique voice, listen deeply and experience their somatic wisdom.
Featuring Newbury Award Winning Book Full Cicada Moon.

Join us via Zoom from 4-5:30 on 10/5, 10/13, 10/19, and 10/26.
The cost is $40; Donations are also accepted.
You can register here.
Any questions? Reach out to Denise Tangney at

Pilgrimage for a Pandemic

Combining the Guild practice of circle sharing with the technology of Zoom, and the narratives of Boccaccio with the model of lectio divina, we are offering a program in which we will use storytelling, others’ and our own, as a way to process the experience of living during a time of pandemic. With the image of Boccaccio’s young storytellers wandering the countryside in mind, The Guild’s Sacred Travel Committee invites you to participate in an event inspired by the Decameron. While Boccaccio’s characters told stories as a way to avoid and escape the plague, we imagine an opportunity for Guild members to enter into the challenges of living in the time of Covid-19 through storytelling.

The Program will run on Wednesday evenings in October at 7:30PM

For more information contact Christina Carlson at

The Guild at Wisdom House

Exploring the Labyrinth: Opening to Wisdom

Do you find it difficult to sit still in silence or in prayer without your mind wandering all over the place?  Are you attracted to embodied spiritual disciplines where you pray using your body?  Are you drawn to the spiritual practice of pilgrimage?  Do you find yourself yearning for a way to be more centered during this time of uncertainty and unrest?  

Come explore the ancient spiritual practice of walking the labyrinth.  Labyrinths have been used for thousands of years by people around the world and in most religious traditions as aids in meditation and prayer.  Walking the winding path of the labyrinth is a metaphor for our spiritual journey.  This meditative walk can be a way to listen to your soul, to connect to the Divine within.  The sacred space of the labyrinth invites us to a place of healing, self-knowledge, discernment, and co-creation.

In our time together, we will look at the history of labyrinths found around the world and explore how walking the labyrinth can be a spiritual practice.  We’ll look at various ways to walk a labyrinth.  And, of course, we’ll walk the Wisdom House labyrinth.  There will be time for personal reflection and for the sharing of our experiences.

Presented by Holly Moore
Cost $20
Register here

~Who's Who at The Guild of Spiritual Guidance~

Chair:  Holly Moore, AP XV
TreasurerStephen Allen, AP XVIII
SecretaryPaul Carbone, AP XVIII
Christina Carlson, AP XIX
Cari Keith, AP VII
Cindi Mitchell, AP XX 
Apprenticeship Program Coordinator: Dianne Disston, AP XX
Global Outreach Coordinator: Denise Tangney, AP XII
Graduate Circle CoordinatorSusan Robinson, AP XVII 

Stephen Allen, AP XVIII
Paul Carbone, AP XVIII

APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM (also non-voting members of the board)
Coordinator:  Dianne Disston, AP XX
Assistant to the Coordinator:  Dorothée Caulfield,  AP XIX

Christina Carlson, AP XIX

CoordinatorSusan Robinson, AP XVII
Steve Allen, AP XVIII
Laura McEvoy, AP
Cari Keith, AP VII

Denise Tangney, AP XII
Bernice Marie-Daly AP III
Brian Tucker AP XII


Holly Moore, AP XV 
Bernice Marie-Daly, AP III

Denise Tangney, AP XII
Brian Tucker, AP XII

Christina Carlson, AP XIX

Katherine Conner

Christina Carlson, AP XIX
Mark D'Alessio, AP XVII
Denise Tangney, AP XII

Dianne Disston AP XX
Jacque Reed, AP XIX
Holly Moore, AP XV
Dorothée Caulfield, AP XIX

Dianne Disston, AP XX
Dorothée Caulfield, AP XIX
Christina Carlson, AP XIX


Katherine Conner

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