Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter for 2017. Green Umbrella is excited to report that our projects continue to gain momentum and are having a huge impact on our students, teachers, staff and our community.

Tang Ay Moeurn is 8 years old. She studies in grade 2 at Green Umbrella’s KKS school. Her father’s name is Mas Moeurn, 71 years old, and her mother’s name is Chea Savon, 46 years old. She has 5 siblings, 4 sisters and 1 brother. Tang Ay is the youngest of them. 
Family situation in 2014: They were living in a very troubled situation. Tang Ay’s father got sick and could no longer work. Her mother worked as a laborer for other families in the village to support the family. They did not earn a regular income.

The family borrowed money from other families and the bank to support their daily living and to pay for medical treatment for Mas Moeurn. They lived in a wooden house, sizing 4m x 5m.
Family situation 2015 - 2017: The family situation starts to get better. Tang Ay’s mother applies for work at a garment factory. She could earn between 150 to 200 USD per month. Her father raises chicken and plants some vegetables at home. He can earn between 2 to 3 USD per day to support the family. Now they live in a brick house which sizes 7m x 4m. They have 3 bicycles and a motor. Even though they are still in debt because they borrowed money from the bank, they can service the monthly payment to bank and still support their family.

Tang Ay is reading a book in the library.

Since Tang Ay has been enrolled to study at KKS in October 2014, her parents know that she is safe, receiving two meals a day and is happy learning. They don’t have to worry about her. We notice that she has changed and improved a lot with her study. Chea Savon said ‘Tang Ay can read books to her older brother and sisters at home and she wants to keep on learning. I am happy. I can go to work at the factory. My husband created a new job for himself raising chickens and growing vegetables for the family. Now our other four children can go to study at public school too, although they are not learning like Tang Ay. Green Umbrella provides a very high standard of education.”

KKS student sharing
KKS celebrated student learning on Friday March 24, 2017.  Students shared their learning with their parents and guardians including Maths, Khmer study, Social Science, Library, Project Work, or using Ipads as well as Physical Education games.
95% of the parents came to see their children lead their conference. They were very involved and interested in what their children showed them and were amazed of what they learned. This is the first Student Led Conference organised by the KKS teachers and we are very proud of our achievements.

Green Umbrella’s Soccer Teams

Green Umbrella has 2 professional coaches and 12 assistant coaches who were selected from the local Middle and High School from our local community. 

We have 2 Green Umbrella teams that play regularly in the ISF League and a number of other students that train weekly and aspire to being part of the teams.

U10 = 18 players (12 KKS’s boys & 6 GU’s English school boys)

U14 = 18 players (6 KKS’s girls & 12 GU’s English school girls)


Our aim is to increase the health and physical education of our students.

Playing soccer increases their self-confidence and establishes important life skills such as teamwork, leadership and discipline. Three times a week, our 36 students have training lessons on our soccer field for 90 minutes each.

Both our teams are doing really well in the ISF League 2016-17. We have two more matches in April and are hoping to reach the last 8 teams.

On February 18, 2017 our girls team participated in the ISF tournament Match 2016-2017 with 19 NGOs and schools from different provinces and cities of Cambodia. As a result in 5 matches, we won 2, 1 draw and lost 2 games at the round stage.

Success at ISF U10 tournament

On March 10, 2017 our boys team participated in the ISF tournament Match 2016-2017 with 28 NGOs and schools from different provinces and cities of Cambodia. As a result in 8 matches, we won 7 games and lost 1 at the final stage. So we were the Runner-up Champion of U10 boys 2017.

GU’s English School Teacher, Socheata Sek

Socheata Sek is 16 years old. She lives in Chambok village, Putsor commune, Bati district, Takeo province.  She is studying in grade 11 at Sok An Tunle Bati High School. She has worked as an English teacher since 2016. There are 21 students in her class.

She has been a student of GU English since she was 8 years old. Socheata really enjoyed learning English and decided that she wanted to help other students in her community by teaching them English too. She joined four workshops in 2016, which were organized by GU and learned about classroom management, teaching English, environmental awareness & social impact, and girl’s health.

Socheata is also one of the leaders in the Generation. Education. Period. Project and has been an integral part of spreading information about periods and GEP sanitary napkin kits.

Socheata said, “Since I teach English at GU’s English school, I have learned lots of new skills and knowledge and had many new experiences. I have developed my confidence and feel very responsible for my work. I am happy to see there are many children in this community that know me, and I have also made a lot of new friends; Cambodian and foreigners too”.

Generation. Education. Period. (GEP) girls ran their first workshop for their peers at the English School. 33 students attended and the team taught them about periods, the reproductive organs, made a period braclet and tackled local myths about periods
The girls also talked about the benefits of using a GEP kits including the impact on wellness, economy, nature and society.

NGO Education Partnership (NEP) is a local non-profit organization and is a membership organization that promotes active collaboration between NGOs working in education and advocates on behalf of its member organizations in policy meetings and discussions with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MoEYS) in Cambodia. NEP’s vision: working together to achieve equal and timely access to high quality education for all Cambodian people.

Green Umbrella has been a member of NEP since 2014. On March 6 GU was presented with a certificate of appreciation for our commitment and active participation in the NGO Education Partnership events.
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