Did you win at work recently?!

Did you solve a problem, untangle a mess, or ensure that something didn't become a problematic, tangled mess? Write it in your Brag File right now! Don't forget the details: what happened, what your role was, and what it says about your whole vibe. What's a Brag File? It's just a doc you keep your wins on, so you can use them in cover letters and interviews. Easier than trying to remember that one project you did 2 years ago!

Professional Development and... Fortnite?

Some of my favorite Youtubers gave some pretty stellar workplace advice on their recent Fortnight livestream. I won't insult them by saying it's "surprising," per se, but it always makes me happy to hear good advice from unusual channels, since TV and movies so often provide really bad examples of how to operate at work! 

Everything you need to survey some folks

Whether you're a marketer, HR pro, manager, or maker, chances are decent that you'll have to create a survey to learn more about a set of people at some point. This Hubspot piece has tips from design to question construction to the different survey platforms you can use. Handy!

Easy-peasy design tips for non-designers

The Content Marketing Institute has 3 mini-lessons to improve your sense of design, even if design is very much Not Your Thing. Great tips for resumes!


Drake nah: Giving your boss a formal letter of resignation like a professional employee. Drake Yasss: Quitting by use of a meme

Jobs! Currently looking for: 

Chicago: a Director of Operations for a private charter school. It's a big role, and leads a 6 person team to run a tight ship in everything from tech and supply management to the lunch program to facilities, budgeting, and strategic planning. Must have ed sector experience. 

DC: an Executive Assistant for an international legal nonprofit. 

Reply to this email if you're interested or want more info on either gig, and feel free to forward on!

Happy to help.

That's what MailChimp decided to title this field, and dang it, I think they were on to something. I'd love to help you out! I do cover letter and resume reviews, run an ongoing professional development membership program on Patreon, and write about work type stuff all the time, over on my website! I encourage you to check it out if you're into that kind of thing: 

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