Did you win at work recently?!

Did you solve a problem, untangle a mess, or ensure that something didn't become a problematic, tangled mess? Write it in your Brag File right now! Don't forget the details: what happened, what your role was, and what it says about your whole vibe. What's a Brag File? It's just a doc you keep your wins on, so you can use them in cover letters and interviews. Easier than trying to remember that one project you did 2 years ago!

Maybe read this if you're considering driving for Uber

Christine Williams wrote up a detailed account of her experience driving for Uber, including a thorough breakdown of costs. It doesn't look great. FWIW, almost every driver I've ever had prefers driving for Lyft over Uber. But it's all kinda crappy gig economy. 

Writing a resume from scratch

Here's some really great advice from Alison Green over at The Cut about writing a resume that rocks, step by step. 

Do you have leadership potential?

I'm not normally a fan of anyone that puts 10 questions in front of someone and declares they can use them to find out something big and important, but these are 10 really good questions. If you're interested in (or already doing) management, you should take a look and mull them over. 

Presenting webinars: some tips

If you're in a sales/marketing sort of career, building your own business, or working a side hustle, chances are you've thought about putting on a webinar. HBR has a nice list of beginner tips from someone who's done hundreds.

Rootscamp is coming!

Rootscamp is an unconference for the progressive movement. It's a great place to meet people, learn things, and teach things, and it's part of the lifeblood of the progressive community. It's in Baltimore this year; I'll be there!

Happy to help.

That's what MailChimp decided to title this field, and dang it, I think they were on to something. I'd love to help you out! I do cover letter and resume reviews, run an ongoing professional development membership program on Patreon, and write about work type stuff all the time, over on my website! I encourage you to check it out if you're into that kind of thing: 

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