one scene from the huge, incredible mural in the U Street Metro station. I couldn't find any other info about it... tips welcome!

Did you win recently?!

Did you solve a problem, untangle a mess, or ensure that something didn't become a problematic, tangled mess? Write it in your Brag File right now! Don't forget the details: what happened, what your role was, and what it says about your whole vibe. What's a Brag File? It's just a doc you keep your wins on, so you can use them in cover letters and interviews. Easier than trying to remember that one project you did 2 years ago!

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Career Goals

man skipped work for 6 years and no one noticed until he won an award

ranavain, mindset guru

In working with folks on their careers over the years, there's one persistent mindset that we seem to have that stymies our job searches and, tbh, makes us feel angry when we don't need to. Read more on the ol blog

cover letters for creative people

Even with all the cover letter advice out there, it can be hard to really picture what a good cover letter looks like. Rachel Kaufman created this e-anthology of good cover letters (mostly in creative fields) a few years ago, but most of the content is timeless. Plus, one of my very own cover letters (the one that brought me to DC) is in there!

"You must actively mock yourself in every public profile you set up so the world knows you're not a stiff/dork/moron."

Kris Dunn, HR Capitalist, has a pretty great rundown on the basic stuff you can do to make yourself look awesomer (professionally) and build a rep. Most of it is spot-on, including not taking yourself too seriously, following blogs/news in your industry, and having a LinkedIn page that doesn't suck. Highly recommend.

Internships at the Downtown BID

BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) are kind of cool organizations that are usually neighborhood-based and run programming, district improvements, beautification, homeless services, and all kinds of other stuff (depending, of course, on how well-funded they are). 

As you might expect, the Downtown DC BID is one of the better funded ones. They're hiring for two paid internships, one in infrastructure and one in marketing and communications (though the latter states both that it is paid and unpaid? sigh.) 

Happy to help.

That's what MailChimp decided to title this field, and dang it, I think they were on to something. I'd love to help you out! I do cover letter and resume reviews, run an ongoing professional development membership program on Patreon, and write about work type stuff all the time, over on my website! I encourage you to check it out if you're into that kind of thing: 

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