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COVID-19 restrictions continue in Greater Sydney meaning the Freshcare Team remain under remote work arrangements. We thank you for your understanding as we continue to provide ‘business as usual’ in a new format.

New Release: Supply Chain Standard Edition 2

The Freshcare Supply Chain Standard - Edition 2, was released earlier this month to businesses currently involved in the first edition. The release of Edition 2 comes after a twelve month review with industry stakeholders and the technical committee in consideration of new market demands; emerging risks; the release of Codex HACCP 2020; the latest science in food safety and quality practices; and the GFSIv2020 Benchmarking Requirements.

Download: Freshcare Supply Chain Standard – Edition 2, July 2021.

What does the release of Supply Chain Standard Edition 2 mean for existing participating businesses?

Existing participating businesses have six months to transition their existing program to the new standard, with all audits from 1 February 2022 to be undertaken to Freshcare Supply Chain Standard – Edition 2.

Resources including a transition guide; factsheets; forms and worked examples can be downloaded from participants using FreshcareOnline access.

A hard-copy manual for Supply Chain Standard Edition 2 can be purchased from the Freshcare eStore.

Training to upgrade to Edition 2 is not mandatory, although Freshcare strongly encourages the ongoing training and development of all participating businesses. There is a network of trainers and eLearning course options that can assist you in addressing the changes and new requirements.

For additional information or assistance, please complete the enquiry form.

Student Survey of Freshcare Members and Participants

Access the Survey

Freshcare has recently engaged with students from Macquarie University Business School as part of the Professional and Community Engagement program (PACE) to give graduating students real-world experience. As part of their project for MGMT 3901 - Applied Leadership Project, students have been tasked with conducting a survey of our members and participating businesses that seeks to define the value we deliver to industry.

The student group makes up part of a selective cohort, currently in their final semester, studying a Bachelor of Business Leadership & Commerce. This particular group have studied in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, International Business and Marketing. Their diversity in terms of education, extra-curricular involvement, and professional experience, have equipped them with the necessary skills that we believe can help us understand the importance of Freshcare to you and the industry as a whole.

We would really appreciate your support for the students of Macquarie University Business School, as the information collected will be used to inform us on how to make adjustments to our products and services to better meet your needs and wants.

If you choose to participate, your feedback will be collected via an initial online survey (10-15 minutes). Individual interviews for a select number of respondents will occur approximately 2-3 weeks after the closing date of the survey. PLEASE NOTE, you will be provided the option to decline being contacted for the individual interview. All respondent data will remain anonymous.

The survey is open to all Freshcare members and participating businesses until close of business 8th September 2021.

Access the Survey

Food Standards Australia New Zealand Notification - 26 August 2021

Amendment No. 202 to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code was published by FSANZ on 26 August 2021 (FSC 143). It included amendments resulting from the following Application and Proposal:

Application A1210 – Maltogenic alpha-amylase enzyme from GM Saccharomyces cerevisiae​

M1018 – Maximum Residue Limits (2020)​

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Schedule 20 – Maximum Residue Limits

In summary, there has been a number of changes to Maximum Residue Limits (MRL’s), substances and commodities applied.

All Freshcare businesses are advised they must be aware of these changes and review the impact of the chemicals used within their chemical treatment programs and commodities to which they are applied.

Freshcare Certifications Bodies, Auditors, Trainers and Stakeholders are advised to review any linked documentation and update accordingly, as well as familiarise themselves with the changes.

Freshcare is providing this notification as a service to industry, however you should always refer to the FSANZ and APVMA websites for the most current information.

Team Member Profile: Dr. Roseane Bob

To gain experience and insight into certification programs for fresh produce in Australia, Dr. Roseane Bob reached out to Freshcare to complete an internship.

What experience did you have with food safety before joining Freshcare?

I worked for over 20 years as a food safety and quality consultant in my mother country Brazil, where I worked with food authority, growers and supply chain on standards including GFSI, HACCP and GMP.

I developed a natural food additive called Veg Oxi MP that replaced unhealthy preservatives used in the fresh industry. This product extends the shelf life of those nutritious foods which lead to around a 35% reduction of waste for fruits and vegetables.

My passion is food safety culture. I always find it exciting in helping producers and suppliers in extending shelf life and reducing food waste by improving procedures from paddock to plate.

What’s your favourite part about working for Freshcare?

I love the team and work environment. My internship at Freshcare has been amazing, as everyone’s been very helpful and encouraging.

Freshcare has not only given me the opportunity to demonstrate my skills and transfer my knowledge from Brazil to here, they have also helped me relax, understand Australian culture and improve my English.

This fantastic experience has made me want to become a Freshcare trainer with my business and deliver food safety consultancy here in Australia.

A big thank you to Freshcare!

Connect with Roseane via LinkedIn and find out more about the revolutionary Veg Oxi here.

Visit the Australian Government website to access information on COVID-19 financial assistance and support for Australian businesses.

Audit completed
but still waiting to receive your
Freshcare Certificate?

For timely access to your Certificate ensure you have completed these items following your audit:

  • Corrective Actions have been closed with information provided to your Certification Body (not individual auditors).

  • Your invoice has been paid to the Certification Body.

  • Your Certification Body contract has been signed, updated and returned.

If you have completed the items above and are still waiting for your Freshcare Certificate, please contact your Certification Body directly for assistance.

If you have not received a response from your Certification Body, contact us for assistance via this enquiry form.

Flexible Audit Options Available to Maintain Certification During Restrictions

Certification Bodies have procedures in place to ensure that businesses can maintain their certification to Freshcare throughout COVID-19 restrictions. This includes options for providing certificate extension and flexibility for two-part audits to be undertaken.

If your audit is due, or scheduled and you are currently impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, please contact your Certification Body directly for assistance.

If it is possible for the auditor to conduct your on-site audit, it should be undertaken when scheduled. If restrictions do not permit your audit to be undertaken, Certification Bodies can advise on alternate options in consideration of requirements.

Certification Body contact details can be found here:

Wellbeing Resources for You and Your Team

The Benestar® Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling, coaching and wellbeing service, funded by Freshcare, to enable free access to certified businesses, their staff and immediate family members.

  • Benestar® is completely independent of Freshcare, they provide qualified services and ensure confidentiality for all users.

  • Benestar® services offer help and counselling to manage work and life experiences, issues or concerns that arise from time to time.

  • Benestar® services can be accessed for free by Freshcare certified businesses, their staff and immediate family members.

Information on how to access these services and resources available can be found here:

Freshcare certified businesses are encouraged to download and share this information with their workers and family.

Freshcare Recognised Suppliers

Recognised Suppliers

Some of our premium listing suppliers are displayed above. If you are interested in becoming a Freshcare Recognised Supplier complete the sign-up form here, or send a request for more information via email.

The Freshcare Recognised Suppliers Register is an integrated service that enables you to search for reputable suppliers and view evidence of the credentials that underpin the products and services they offer, all in a “one-stop-shop”.

To search the Freshcare Recognised Suppliers Register visit:

Freshcare provides the underpinning certification standards for Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, enabling participants to achieve certified member program recognition for use of the trust mark.

New Website Launch

Visit the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia website for the latest program information, industry benefits, case studies and resources.

Services Australia Farm Household Allowance (FHA) subsidies can be used to fund Freshcare training. For further information on FHA subsidies, visit the Services Australia website.


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