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Staff Spotlight-Brush Hill Staff
Joel Torres is very impressed and moved by the dedication and heart of the staff at the Brush Hill program and all that they do for the people they serve. Joel Torres is a Director of Operations (DO) in our Developmental and Brain Injury Services (DBIS) and oversees Brush Hill, a residential program in West Springfield for people with brain injuries.

Recently, one of the program participants was anticipating her 50th birthday with some anxiety and concern. She wanted to have a party to celebrate but was overwhelmed with the prospect of planning the event. In stepped the staff to support her and create a wonderful birthday celebration at Look Park.

The staff helped her design the birthday announcement flyer, cooked all the food for the celebration, and reserved and decorated the space at the park. Joel said that, “It was beautiful to see the staff come together and witness their loving care for people in the program.” He said it is extraordinary efforts like this that show staff aren’t doing this job just for the money. They are passionate about the work and care about the residents.

Everyone had a great time at the party. The woman celebrating her 50th looked like a queen for the day with her sparkling tiara and glowing smile! Joel said this labor of love included all staff from the program director to the nurse who came to the party to make sure the diabetic clients had the insulin they needed.

Joel said the Brush Hill staff shine in supporting residents to realize their goals and dreams, and they bring the same sense of commitment, cooperation and care to meet the daily needs of the residents. They displayed this strength on a recent weekend. The residents have many health issues, and on this weekend, each resident was hospitalized.  Joel said it was also beautiful to see the staff pull together and deal in this crisis situation with compassion, flexibility and dedication for the residents and for each other.

ServiceNet joins Joel in thanking the incredible staff at the Brush Hill program:

Melvin Rivera, Ryan Soto, Iris Queeman, Nasha Sanchez, Xavier Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez, Ashley Rosado, Sacha Ramirez, Nadene Westbrook, Carlos Valdes, Nancy Lockett, Melissa Rivera, Tyreek Poole, Sherly Rivera, Maribel Cortes, Anisa Sanchez. Relief staff played an important role. A special mention to Joanna Aviles, Daisey Aviles, and Sammy Taveras. The nurse, Ilsa Cintron-Madera and Enrique Gonzales, who came from another program to help, deserve a big hand.
"Dog Days of Summer"
We are in the “Dog Days of Summer”, July 3rd through August 11th. Most of us are familiar with this expression and know that it refers to the hottest days of the summer season. The Farmer’s Almanac reveals an interesting history behind the expression.

Sirius is the brightest star visible from anywhere on earth. It is part of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. During the dog days of summer, Sirius is located in the same region of the sky as the sun. In ancient Rome, they believed that this bright star added to the heat of the sun and made these summer days hotter than the rest. Because of this, the Romans called these the dog days.

The location of Sirius, the Dog Star, in the sky has nothing to do with the intense heat. The oppressive heat is a result of the tilt of the earth on its axis. At this angle, the sun’s rays hit the Northern Hemisphere more directly and for a longer duration creating longer, hotter days!

During the dog days, the challenge is how to “beat the heat”. We’d like to know how you survive the dog days of summer. Please send us photos and ideas of creative things you do to stay cool. And if you have a dog, bonus points for activities that include your dog!
DBIS Client/Staff Picnic

This is the fifth year at a look Park and this was the largest one yet. There were 120 ServiceNet vehicles and staff transporting clients that entered the park.  There were approximately 300 people that attended and everyone had a great time. The grill sergeant (Kevin Linker) continued to cook burgers even through the down pour, stating ( with the spatula in the air) "I will not leave my post"! 
Summer Gardening
The Maple Street Program staff assisted Sandra with planting flowers and vegetables this season. Sandy chose various flowers and is growing Tomatoes, Kale, Basil and Zucchini in the veggie garden. The raised, wooden beds were generously made, delivered and supplied with rich soil from Servicenet's own Prospect Meadow Farm a couple of years ago! Sandy says she really enjoys watching over the plants, making sure they have plenty of water and attention. As you can see, everything is thriving! 
2017 Trivia Program

Congratulations to 

Michelle Melnik
for winning the
$5.00 gift card!

Answer this week's question NOW!

We will be featuring a trivia question contest in every ServiceNotes issue. Every staff member who answers the question correctly will be placed in a bi-monthly drawing for a $5.00 gift card.  

The trivia question will be available for 10 days. The winner of the gift card will be announced in the next ServiceNotes issue.

Happy Thursday!
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