Most Frightening Payroll Expenses

Agriculture and food processing are some of the last industries to move away from paying people with paper checks. Many workers are still unbanked, which makes it hard to implement 100% direct deposit and workers may resist change--they trust paper checks and know how to turn them into cash.

But the cost of paper checks--to workers and to employers is staggering. Typical check cashing fees are ~1.5%, meaning workers pay about $400 per year just to get access to their cash. Put another way, that’s 26+ hours that workers put in each year to pay check cashing fees. Industry-wide, that’s $750 million in worker wages ending up in the hands of check cashing companies. 

Workers waiting in line to cash their checks at a local grocery store in Quincy, WA.

Workers waiting in line to cash their checks at a local grocery store in Quincy, WA.

Workers aren’t the only ones losing money unnecessarily. The cost of printing, distributing, mailing, canceling and reissuing checks, not to mention dealing with check fraud can easily add up to more than $1.65 per check, or $42,900 per year for a company with 500 employees and weekly paydays. Industry-wide, that adds up to $400M per year that businesses shell out to pay with paper checks.

$400M from employers and $750M from workers equals more than $1 billion dollars of wealth that farmers and workers are losing each year. Given how slim margins can be for growers and how hard it is to attract and retain labor in agriculture, keeping that wealth in the pockets of growers and workers is critical. 
Introducing the Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card
Ganaz's vision is to provide a platform that makes it easy for employers to take great care of their people, including providing beneficial financial services that save employers and workers time and money.
We’re excited to introduce the Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card.
The Ganaz team has spent thousands of hours interviewing employers and workers, designing the product, setting up partnerships, and building the software, processes, and customer support teams to provide an exceptional experience for employers and workers.

Benefits for employers include:
  • All of your workers, both H2A’s and locals, can easily enroll in and use the card
  • 100% digital enrollment to avoid costly errors in data entry
  • Training for HR staff
  • Videos and printed materials that explain the card to workers
  • Multi-lingual in-house customer service so the burden of running the program doesn’t land on your HR team
  • Coming in 2022: distribute paystubs digitally, so payday is 100% paperless
Benefits for workers include:
  • User-friendly access to card balance and transactions via text message and WhatsApp
  • Multiple ways for workers to access cash without incurring fees
  • Financial education content via text message that shows them how to access cash for free, how to use their card at the store, and how to manage their money
  • Multilingual in-house customer service
  • Coming in 2022: Sending money home to Mexico at competitive rates through their Ganaz account
Backed by a growing team of talented engineers and dedicated customer support, we will keep learning from our early adopters and make continuous improvements in the coming months and years. We’re excited to share what we’ve built, get your feedback, and support you and your workers in saving significant time and money. 
Schedule some time with us to learn all about the Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card and claim your spot on the waitlist. 
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Video Introducing the Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card

Ganaz is a Public Benefit Corporation

In early 2021, Ganaz became a Public Benefit Corporation with the specific public benefit purpose of leveraging technology to foster well being and prosperity for industry, workers and their communities. Ganaz has been mission-driven from the beginning, and, as we grow, we want to be sure that our mission remains front and center. 

We made this move earlier this year as we prepared to launch our first financial product for workers because we know that financial services for the working class have a checkered history. Our mission and our commitment is to build fair, helpful, and profitable financial products that help working families keep more of their hard-earned dollars and increase their financial well-being.

Take Advantage of All the Features on the Ganaz People Platform

HR Onboarding

No pen, no paper. Quickly scan workers' IDs to autofill all forms. Employee files are saved digitally for compliance. 

Workforce Communication

Auto-translated bulk texting, targeting current and past employees for communication and recruiting.

Training App

Easy-to-use training app delivering your content and quizzes. Deployable in the field without an internet connection. Training records are saved digitally for compliance.

Workforce Analytics

Text-based surveys help employers understand the needs of the workforce and improve recruiting and retention.

*NEW* Payroll Cards

Save time, costs, and resources by eliminating paper checks. Offer unbanked employees a no-cost direct deposit option to spend and withdraw wages easily.

[1] Various sources including the following source cite the typical cost of paper checks to be about $2.00. The typical cost of direct deposit is $0.35, so we arrive at a net savings of $1.65 for moving away from paper checks. 

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