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Hello Jubilants,

The Hebrew Scriptures begin with two different Creation stories. In Genesis One we get the poetic imagery of the Spirit hovering over the chaos and bringing forth life with a word. The poem ends with the creation of humanity, male and female, in the image of the gods (yes, it’s plural there, a team). In Genesis Two we get the tale of the Garden of Eden – where God creates an “earth creature” (the Hebrew word for this is adam) and the creature is called to name all the other creatures and receives a life-partner (eve is the Latin version of the Hebrew word – chayah - for “living”) who is neither above nor below him, but from his side and by his side. 

Scriptures begin with creation. This is true not only in the Judeo-Christian traditions, but in most religions. Creation stories abound. Jubilee! is Rooted and Grounded in Creation Spirituality, so where else would we turn to go back to basics? Creation Spirituality asserts, with Genesis One, that we are not born in original sin, but in original blessing. Genesis One begins, “In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth…” and ends, “God saw everything that God had made, and indeed, it was very good.”

This is the first and great truth. That all of creation is very good. And we are part of that creation. What if we believed this with all of our hearts? That we are very good. Each of us and all of us. And that our goodness is intimately connected to the goodness of the creation in which we live? If we are already very good, does that change our approach to our New Year’s self-improvement projects? Does it change how we view other people? If we listen to the whisperings of creation itself, from mycelium to Mount Mitchell, from hummingbirds to hippos, can we hear their messages of resilience and joy?

Happy New Year!
Laura Collins

Sunday's Celebration Line-up

Look who is joining us on January 10th

This coming Sunday we enter Via Creativa, a time when the dormancy of the winter months calls us to explore the imagination and creativity that underlie all of creation at every moment.  This Sunday we begin Via Creativa with ROOTED & GROUNDED IN CREATION, lead by Jubilee!'s minister of transition, Laura Collins. Joining Laura this Sunday are:
  • Daniel Barber ~ minister of music
  • Yona FrenchHawk ~ calling the sacred directions
  • Anne Wray ~ gift of dance
  • Jay Joslin ~ singing the buddhist bowl
  • Jackie Dobrinska ~ minister of community life
  • YOU ~ real-time, face-to-virtual-face connection! 

How to Join our Sunday Celebration

Join on Zoom
This is where you can virtually "pass the peace" in the well-loved break-out rooms, pray with Jubilee! ministers, and chat with others via the "chat wall".
Meeting ID: 874 9490 1161
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Join by Phone
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Meeting ID: 874 9490 1161
Passcode: 6815545

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Check Out Last Week's Sunday Celebration

CLICK HERE to watch the January 3rd Sunday Celebration: Light of Wisdom & Epiphany led by Paula Stone Williams. 

GET INVOLVED with Jubilee! 
So Many Ways to Contribute & Connect

The Bizarre Bazaar online auction closes on November 9th, so this is your last chance to get amazing gifts for others and goodies for yourself.  Art, music, retreats, holistic services, jewelry created just for Jubilee!, custom poems or a song written for you, and more...all donated by Jubilants. Make a bid, get a deal! And best of all, every dollar you spend goes to the Jubilee Heating Fund to keep folks warm all winter long. CLICK HERE to browse, bid and buy!

Weather wasn't very cooperative on New Years Day, but quick rescheduling allowed Jubilants to came together to celebrate the New Year around fires throughout the city.  A big thanks to all who hosted and all who attended. (Photo of David Sharpe tending the fire!)

Always on the lookout for ways to help the homeless, Carol Greenspan reminds us that stimulus checks are on the way, and, if like her, you haven't been financially impacted by COVID shutdowns, passing on that largess can have a big impact on others.  Carol says, "Last year has been a very trying one for most of us, but some more than others. Some have businesses impacted or children struggling with schooling or loved ones becoming sick and even dying. I myself have been protected, and in gratitude wish to "gift forward" that stimulus money. Something you might like to know: Asheville has extended the lease on Red Roof Inn until July for 65 homeless people. This means we need to raise more funds for meals. Would you like to help?"  You can send a check to Jubilee! marked "food for Red Roof" or CLICK HERE and select "designated funds."

This is the last week to participate in the 2020 Pledge Drive. Pledging = Solidarity.  Committing to financially support Jubilee! Community is a way we show our solidarity with our amazing community. We don’t just “attend” Jubilee! We are Jubilee!. Our 2020 pledge drive theme “Sustaining a Courageous Community of Love,” reminds us that courageous love is both our identity and our mission.  Make your pledge now.

Here are just a few action ideas you may want to consider to help dismantle racism, promote gun safety, change public policy, and bring our communities and country together:

  • Starting in early 2018, more than a dozen folks from various faith communities came together to create a work group with the ambitious title "Dismantling Racism in Faith Communities". Over the course of the next three years, the work group created this Action Plan after interviewing and listening to Black members from this community. 
  • Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense is getting more faith groups and organizations to partner with them in the work to end gun violence.  In 2020 there was an increase in gun violence in Asheville as well as across the country.  There is a need to address the issue of violence in our community as well as promote legislation on background checks and Red Flag laws that can save lives. Moms also educates families on safety in the home and keeping children safe. Moms can provide a virtual Zoom speaker to your faith group to share information. Email
  • For those interested in positive change, changing public policy is key. One of the key organizations doing so in NC is the NC Budget and Tax Center, a part of the NC Justice Center. They are offering the “Together NC Policy Academy”. If you are interested in participating, check out and complete their application here.
  • Noted community organizer and author Valarie Kaur is part of the People's Inauguration on January 21st. Sign up at the link above to get details to support efforts to bring our communities and country together. 
  • Al Green is the founder of the new nonprofit Young Struggle, which serves single parents and those released from the criminal justice system. They are now searching for board members who can help them with: legal advice (a lawyer would be great), web design and writing grants.  If you are interested in finding out more about serving in this way, please text Knowledge at ‭(828) 318-2488‬. If you know someone else who may be qualified and willing to serve Young Struggle’s mission, please let them know about this opportunity.
Honor your life and your loved ones by preparing for your death! Preparing both internally and externally for our own death can help our loved ones know what to expect, guide our own process, reduce worry, and allow us to devote our attention, when it’s time, to the mystery and magic of the dying process. This two-day workshop takes place on January 29th and February 5th.  It will focus on death literacy and provide an overview of the entire spectrum of end of life paperwork with a core focus on the Five Wishes. Learn more and register here.


GET INVOLVED with the Asheville Community
Some Ideas for Connecting with our Local Community
Looking for more ways to get involved in the community?  Find out how you can help some of our other favorite local non-profits.

Bountiful Cities:  Long term food security solutions in Asheville and Buncombe County. Promotes social justice and economic viability through sustainable urban agriculture support and garden and cooking education

AHope:  A great organization that takes care of homeless folks.  AHope is requesting many items including much needed entertainment -- magazines, books, puzzles, games, etc. Learn more here.


Please donate to the hunger baskets or Jubilee!'s operating costs or both.  Jubilee! continues to have expenses to keep running.  And know all hunger basket donations are going to Bounty & Soul and other organizations providing COVID relief.

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