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Happy Sunday!
I hope you've had an amazing weekend so far. 

The best bits of exciting news are right down here

+ The forLoop Ghana family had its anniversary event today. It was amazing. If you couldn't make it, you can follow the hashtag, #forLoopGhana, on Twitter, to catch up.

1. NodeJS version 11.1.0 has been released. New features? Timers no longer loop infinitely, and the ICU has been bumped to 63.1. Read more about other new additions and changes in this version.

2. Google has launched Carlo, a NodeJS runtime-powered framework. It's a lot like Github's Electron, but it has its unique features, one of which is that it's powered by Google Chrome and Zeit pkg. Read more about Carlo here.

3. If you've ever seen a Github notification and gone "Ugh, not now!" then Github's new feature is for you. Now, you can prioritize notifications by bookmarking the ones you want to save for later. Check it out here.

4. October is over and gone, but who says open source isn't a hot topic anymore? Definitely not the React Native family. If you agree, check out the React Native open source roadmap.

5. The forLoop Ilorin family will be hosting its maiden meetup themed, "Starting Your Career As A Developer", on the 24th of November. The Call for papers is out; if you'd like to speak at the event, send your talk proposal here.

6. forLoop Zambia will be hosting its first local hackathon aimed at building simple and functional solutions for the community. There'll be great prizes for participants who come out on top - full-time employment at a tech company in Lusaka is up for grabs. Get in the door here.

7. Come November 16th in the city of Uyo, GDG Uyo will be hosting DevFest Uyo 2018. The event will be bringing Google Technology enthusiasts in and out of the city together. Some of the speakers slated to be at the event include Aniedi Udo-Obong, Developer and Product Manager at Google, Mark Essien, CEO of, Celestine Omin, Engineering Manager, Paystack, Prosper Otemuyiwa, Developer Advocate at Apollo. You can also check out the event schedule. To register, get a ticket here.


Jobs & Opportunities: 

Big Cabal Media, the brains behind Tech Cabal; one of the most authoritative tech blogs in Nigeria, is looking to hire a Community Manager for its pan-African technology forum, Radar. If you're interested, check out the details and requirements.

- One Finance, the fintech company behind the consumer lending product, Paylater, is looking to hire amazing people to fill the following roles:  Junior Software QA/Support Engineer, Senior Android Developer, and Senior Software Engineer.
- Andela Kenya is hosting a hackathon, Andela News Hackathon: Fighting Fake News, that seeks to combat the production and spread of news that has not been fact-checked. Media practitioners, software developers, designers, and product managers, from all across Nairobi, will spend 24 hours ideating and prototyping solutions to the fake news problem. The hackathon will run from the 9th to the 10th of November. Read all about it

- Gatsby is looking to hire an Open Source Maintainer. If you have maintained a repo before, have experience with build tools like Buck and Bazel, and experience with React, NodeJS, and GraphQL, and open source is your thing, apply here

- Google Code-In (GCI), the global online contest introducing students to open source development, has begun its 9th consecutive installment. Pre-university students from the ages of 13 to 17 that have their parents' and guardians' permission can register for the contest. Code-In with Google, this year, will run for 7 weeks until December 12th, 2018. If you know bright and interested youngsters, have them register

- Google has announced its 10,000 Grow with Google Developer Scholarships in partnership with Pluralsight and Andela. The Google Developer Scholarships have given many developers in Africa the opportunity to learn and compete at a global level. Let's make it your turn this year. Check out all the details

- Opera Pay is looking to hire experienced Telemarketers and Customer Support Executives. You can apply for the Telemarketer and the Customer Support Executive roles. If you know qualified/potentially interested candidates, share this with them.


On cool tools...
If you are building dope tools that the community needs to hear about, my DMs are open. If you're not, it's never too late to start.
A few good reads...

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Have a great week ahead,

 Jennifer Onwudiwe,

- Solomon Osadolo,
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