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I hope you've had a productive Wednesday.

I made a discovery today; Bullshit.js. Bullshit.js is a Javascript bookmarklet that strips web copy of superfluous, decorative words to reveal what you actually need; #NoBullshit #NoCap. Check it out here.

Here's what I've got for you;

- VSCode 1.39 has been released. The new version packs new features such as source control tree view, CSS colour variables preview, text selections displayed in minimap, remote explorer updates, and more. Check out the release notes here.

- Python 3.8 has been released. New features include a new syntax, Assignment Expressions, positional-only parameters, parallel file system cache, and more. Find out what else is new in v3.8 here.

- .NET Core 3.1 Preview 1 has been released. Read the release notes to see the key improvements and new features here.

- It is said that if you can't explain a concept simply enough for a really young or old person to grasp, then you probably don't understand it. In this article, Sebastian Scholl explains SQL and NoSQL to Grandma. Check it out here.


- Facebook Developer Circles (Accra) will be hosting a joint meetup with the JS Kongress community on the 26th of October, 2019. If you'll be in the city, hurry and RSVP now.

- The Laravel Nigeria Community will be hosting Nigeria's biggest PHP Conference on the 16th of November 2019. If you would like to speak at the Laravel Nigeria Conference, the Call For Papers is now open, and you can submit your paper (one related to PHP, Laravel, Javascript, and the ecosystem as it involves this stack) here.
If you would like to attend the conference, simply RSVP here, now - limited FREE tickets available.

- The Open Source Community Africa has announced the first-ever Open Source Festival in Nigeria. The festival is set to take place from the 20th to 22nd of February, 2020. The festival is accepting papers for topics relating to open source in general, and will also encourage speakers to submit talks on what’s new with web development, Hardware & IoT, ML/AL/DL, Technical writing, and Open Source design. If you would like to speak on any of the following, you can submit your paper here.

It's still Hacktoberfest szn for the next 15 days!
The annual, month-long celebration of open source is returning for the 6th year in a row, this October. Here's yet another chance for you, an open-source lover, to change the world one pull request at a time. Check out all the details you need to register and get started here. Happy contributing!

Also, don't forget to stay glued to your inbox on Wednesdays and Sundays to get updates from the forloop newsletter. If you're working on a project or just going along with #100DaysofCode or any other challenge to better your skills, you can always share your progress or project with us. You can tag @forloopAfrica!

- [Change of dateThe Python Community in Nigeria will be hosting their annual conference, PyCon2019NG: Building, Scaling, and Enabling Innovation, from the 30th of October to 2nd of November, 2019 in Abuja. The conference will feature tech talks, tutorials, panels, and workshops. If you're a Pythonista, get your ticket here.

- If you work with media asset management, APIs, and SDKs, it might do you a world of good to join in on the Cloudinary bimonthly webinar
Whether you are an experienced Cloudinary user that wants to get a refresher, or are brand new to the Cloudinary service, this highly interactive webinar dives into developer-focused APIs and SDKs, showing you how to properly upload, manage and transform your digital content on the Cloudinary platform. Find more details and select your preferred webinar date here.

Jobs & Opportunities

- Naija Hacks, one of Africa's biggest annual hackathons will be returning for its 2019 edition from the 7th to 14th of December. This year's hackathon will feature pitches, demos, competitions, and award presentation (on the 17th of December). Emerging projects from the hackathon will be matched to related companies and mentors for funding and guidance. Register here to meet and hack with over 1300 hackers across the country, or even be a mentor. Lots of prizes are up for grabs at the completion of the hackathon. 

- Qode Hub (Accra) is looking to hire a Mobile App Developer (iOS & Android). If you're interested in this role, send your resume over to careers[at]qodehub[dot]com with the subject Mobile Developer [Your fullname].

- VanHack has listed new openings and opportunities in tech companies in Canada and other parts of the world. Check out the openings for AWS DevOps Engineer, Product Manager, Backend Python Engineer, Senior Android Developer, and more. If you're new to Vanhack, register and create your profile here to begin, and if you're an existing VanHack talent, apply here.

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Jennifer Onwudiwe.
Retired Superhero. Editor.

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