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Hi! Happy Hump Day. 

I've had so much to do this week, and I've worked with many talented people to get things done. This has made me think a lot about the quality of work we bring to the table on each project. How do you evaluate the quality of your work and skills, as a developer? If you'd like to, this is a good place to get started

Moving on,

+ Kubernetes has released Kubernetes 1.13, their fourth and final release in 2018. In this new version, the key features include simplified cluster management with kubeadm and Container Storage Interface (CSI) both in General Availability (GA), and Core DNS as the default DNS server. Find out more in the release notes.

+ GitHub now allows you to track the components that matter most to your projects using the GitHub Status Page. Check it out.

 + If you run a seed/early-stage startup in Africa, the Google Launchpad Accelerator is accepting applications. Get expert mentorship, support in technology, great exposure, and partnerships. Apply now

+ Join Progate in Lusaka for their Developers Meetup at Bongo Hive on the 15th of December. Non-tech people, beginners, and experienced developers are welcome. Reserve your spot here.

Jobs & Opportunities

- VanHack has announced Leap 2.0, the second edition of their Leap Program. Once again, 20 of the best senior software engineers will get an opportunity to travel and interview with local companies in Canada. If you're an amazing senior software engineer looking to relocate for work, here's your opportunity. Register for Leap 2.0 here.
There are also other opportunities and openings in Canadian and European teams through VanHack, for JavaEE developers, Intermediate and Senior Laravel developers, Senior Android developers, DevOps Engineers, and more. If you're new to Vanhack,
register and create your profile here to begin, and if you're an existing VanHack talent, apply here

- If you're a student or recent graduate in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics field, there are intern and associate opportunities in the Summer 2019 Goldman Sachs Internship Program. If you're interested, apply here.

- BuyCoins Africa is running a #WomenCode Internship. If you're a woman (who's no longer in school) with a keen interest in building great products, and, possibly, experience in software development, apply here

- Upstack is looking to hire a Full-stack developer with at least 3 years' experience as a software developer working with front-end technologies (Angular JS/ReactJS) and back-end technologies (NodeJS/Ruby/Golang/Python). This is a remote position, and if you're interested, you can apply

On Building Things

- Olayinka Omole (@olayinkaos) has released a book, Server Side Development with Node.js and Koa.js: Quick Start Guide. The book teaches how to build robust web applications using modern Javascript technologies. The author will be giving out some e-versions of the book to people who are willing to read the book and write a review. If you're interested, send the author a DM.

- Remy Muhire (@kenessajr) has published his Progate Rwanda Meetup presentation, Building SMS Applications with Flask and Pindo. Check out the presentation here. If you'd like to see the GitHub repo, go here.  

Read this...
Indrek Lasn (@lasnindrek) shares an all-in-one modern Front-end Development hack cheatsheet. You should have this.

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This newsletter was written under the influence of lemon water and Movement by Hozier.

Good evening,

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