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Do you remember when you first learnt to code - your first programming language, the first platform you learnt on? If you don't remember these things, you would at least remember the rush of passion from all the new knowledge. FreeCodeCamp, the community helping people all over the world learn to code for free, just hit their billionth minute of helping people learn to code. This is equivalent to 2000 years of coding. Mindblowing! Read their inspiring story here.

Also, in the bag, I have:

+ #forLoopPod Episode 7! Whoop! On this episode, Ada chats with Lenora Porter, the Senior Product Designer at Salesforce, about User Experience improvements and Decluttering. Lenora also shares actionable tips and advice for product designers and developers. Listen here!
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1. The ReactJS family has released a React 16.x roadmap for future releases. If you already heard about Hooks, Suspense, and Concurrent Mode, check out how these releases relate to each other and when they'll be ready for use.

2. If you've ever stopped following a project on GitHub because of the many notifications you get from it, then the new 'release-only' option is for you. GitHub now lets you choose to get a notification only when there's a new project release. Check it out.

3. Zeit has released a NodeJS Compiler Collection, a simple CLI program and API for compiling NodeJS projects into a single Javascript file. The compiler outputs a self-contained script that bundles all its dependencies using webpack. Read more about it here.

 4. Emotion, the performant CSS-in-JS library that allows you style apps quickly with string styles, has announced its version 10. Emotion 10 packs zero config server rendering, React StrictMode-compatible, CSS prop without Babel plugins, and more. Here are the details

 + Join Progate in Lusaka for their Developers Meetup at Bongo Hive on the 15th of December. Non-tech people, beginners, and experienced developers are welcome. Reserve your spot here

Jobs & Opportunities

- VanHack has opportunities and openings in Canadian and European teams for Python Developers, Ruby developers, DevOps, and C++ developers. If you're new to Vanhack, register and create your profile here to begin, and if you're an existing VanHack talent, apply here

- Upstack is looking to hire a Full-stack developer with at least 3 years' experience as a software developer working with front-end technologies (Angular JS/ReactJS) and back-end technologies (NodeJS/Ruby/Golang/Python). This is a remote position, and if you're interested, you can apply

- The 5th edition of Local Hack Day, ''Learn, build, and share'' by Major League Hacking (MLH) in partnership with NodeJS Africa, will be held on the 1st of December. The global hackathon will feature participants from all around the world. Both beginners and experts are welcome to participate. You can sign up here and find the nearest hackathon location to you. 

- Open Banking is looking to hire an intern to help with their ongoing API specification process. The paid internship is set to run for 3months to 12 months. If you're interested, here's a link to apply.

- Terragon Group is looking to hire a Junior Software Developer. If this opening interests you, check out the requirements and apply

On Building Things

- Raheem Azeez Abiodun has published a React component that notifies a user about a network state. It features a highly customizable UI, and it detects network connect instantly. Check it out!

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