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How's your first, full work week of 2019 coming along? I hope you're off to a great start on all the things you planned to take on.

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Earlier today, I came across a story about a 13-year-old girl, Hooria Ishtiaq, who has completed the entire freeCodeCamp curriculum. Hooria is now the youngest person to have done this as she has earned 6 certifications including the Full Stack Developer certificate. I don't know her personally, but I'm super proud. Read Hooria's story.

To today's stuff:

+ GitHub made an exciting announcement this week. The tech giant announced that in order to make the service more accessible to developers, unlimited private repositories will now be FREE. This is great news to anyone who has ever needed a private repo to apply for a job or work on a project privately before release. Read the announcement note here.

+ In addition to free unlimited repos, GitHub and VS Code have released a new feature, GitHub Pull Requests Extension. This extension allows you to manage your pull requests directly from your IDE. Read more about it here, and give the new extension a try.

+ Smashing Magazine has released the annual Front-end Performance Checklist for 2019. It has everything you need to know to create faster web experiences this year. Check it out.

+ Hardware Lagos, the community of makers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in the Nigeria hardware space, will be hosting its first conference, Datasheet. Datasheet will focus all things that concern hardware product development. The conference is set to take place from the 4th to the 6th off April 2019 and will include immersive, industry-focused talks and workshops. Check out the program and reserve your spot here.


Jobs & Opportunities

- The ApolloGraphQL team is hiring to fill the position of a Lead Technical Writer. If you're a nerd who loves in-depth tech articles, has the knowledge and words to write them, check out the opening here.

- Verif_iNG is hiring to fill the position of Front-end developer (full time). If you'd like to apply, send accessible samples of your previous work and a link to your Git repo to info[at]verifi[dot]ng.

- VanHack is still listing amazing opportunities to join tech teams in Canada. Check out the openings for Senior Front-end Engineer (React), Data Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, and Full Stack Javascript Engineer. If you're new to Vanhack,
register and create your profile here to begin, and if you're an existing VanHack talent, apply here.

- A company in East Africa is looking to hire a Nigerian senior developer to build Fintech and Big Data software for Agriculture. If this interests you and you have experience working with NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular 6, MEAN stack, and Azure/AWS environments, apply here.

- Join Andela as a Software Developer in 2019. Send in your application 

- One Finance and Investments Ltd, the parent company of Paylater is hiring to fill the following positions:
Junior Software QA, Senior Software Engineer, and Senior Android Developer. Apply if you see something that catches your eye.

On Building Things

Nigeria's 2019 general elections is a very hot topic at this time, and everyone - non-citizens included - will agree that candidate choices are highly important as they will determine the future of the country. This fact has led the team at Civic Monitor - a tech organization committed to driving engagement in Nigeria's democratic processes - to launch a tool called Know Your Candidates (KYC). The tool lets voters see and compare the Nigeria presidential election candidates based on their profiles, positions on different issues, and more. This is aimed at equipping the Nigerian electorate with enough information to choose the best candidate at the February polls. You can connect with the Civic Monitor team on Facebook and Twitter.

- Neo Ighodaro has built a Laravel package, Early Access. The package makes it easy to add an early access mode to your [existing] application to make communications around product and feature releases easy. Check it out here.

- Gbolahan Taoheed Fawale has launched an open source, design project, Jollof Icons. Jollof Icons is a repository of African-inspired, 3D isometric, abstract icons and emojis that people can use in projects of any category. This is only the first version of Jollof Icons, and Gbolahan is working on releasing an update. Read more about the project in Gbolahan's article, Becoming A Better Designer and Contributing to Open Source with Jollof Icons, and leave the creator some feedback.

Things to read
- In this tutorial, Jordan Irabor explains how to build dynamic breadcrumbs in Laravel

- Introduction to Javascript Switch Cases by Bolaji Ayodeji

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Have a great evening!

Jennifer Onwudiwe.

Retired Superhero. Editor.

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