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Hey there!

I'm so excited today, and I want you to share in my enthusiasm. 2018 has been a remarkable year and a fast one too, and I hope you had your wins, big and small. 

Talking about wins, here are some things that happened this year that we consider so:

  • We (yours truly and the retired superhero) have sent you 102 forLoop Africa newsletters so far in 2018. Yup, you're reading the 102nd newsletter from us, and I hope you caught every one before this.
  • The forLoop newsletter readership grew by 54%. Thank you for telling your friends to subscribe ❤.
  • #forLoopPod had a re-launch, and released 7 amazing and informative podcast episodes across Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Pocketcasts, thanks to Ada Nduka-Oyom.
  • forLoop Africa launched new community branches in Nigeria (Benin, Ilorin, Calabar), Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Morocco in the works.

    Other wins were
  • Concatenate! One of the biggest conferences ever held in Nigeria, organized by Christian Nwamba, Sarah Drasner, and Brian Holt.
  • Nigeria emerging as one of the fastest growing countries by new users and contributors in the GitHub State of the Octoverse.
  • More open source endeavours and projects from the biggest players in tech.
  • More opportunities for women and underrepresented people in tech.

These are only some of the achievements from this year, and I'm happy about how far we've come, what we've learnt, and what we'll do in the coming year.
I hope you're inspired too.
[*wipes lone tear*] 

If your eyes aren't filled with tears of gratitude, please check out what's up:
+ Remember when we told you that HTTP/3 is coming? Well, it's now closer than you'd have imagined; QUIC version 17 drafts are out, and HTTP/3 is about to be a reality. Find more here.

+ Here's a recap of Frontend Development in 2018 from a Javascript perspective by Trey Huffine via Gitconnected.

 If you'd like to learn how @Laravelphp works, check out Laravel Core Adventures by Christoph Rumpel, a free video series that teaches you inner workings of Laravel.

Jobs & Opportunities

- VanHack has announced Leap 2.0, the second edition of their Leap Program. Once again, 20 of the best senior software engineers will get an opportunity to travel and interview with local companies in Canada. If you're an amazing senior software engineer looking to relocate for work, here's your opportunity. Register for Leap 2.0 here.
There are also other opportunities and openings in Canadian and European teams through VanHack, for JavaEE developers, Intermediate and Senior Laravel developers, Senior Android developers, DevOps Engineers, UI/Frontend Engineers, Data Engineers (Remote), Engineering managers, and more. If you're new to Vanhack,
register and create your profile here to begin, and if you're an existing VanHack talent, apply here

- BuyCoins Africa is running a #WomenCode Internship. If you're a woman (who's no longer in school) with a keen interest in building great products, and, possibly, experience in software development, apply here

- is looking to hire a seasoned Technical Writer (with experience in writing technical articles and documentation, building with and writing about web technologies, etc) and a Customer Success Engineer (with at least 3 years of experience in web development using PHP, Python, or Go, understands Linux administration, TLS and DNS encryption, and loves to find and solve problems). Both are remote positions. Hurry and apply if these roles pique your interest.

On Building Things

* Cowrywise, the mobile savings and investment platform, has launched a free Financial education tool. The tool is built to help people calculate fees, savings, and interest, and its objective is to make financial goals look as achievable as possible. The Cowrywise finance tool was designed by @Hakyb_B. Check it out.

Flutterwave has announced the all-new Barter app. With Barter, you can fulfil all your payment needs regardless of payment type or currency, pay subscription fees for your favourite services, request cash from friends and also send to them (using their phone numbers), fund your Barter wallet, create virtual Visa Dollar cards, and even receive payments in Dollars - just what you need to send out and receive those cash gifts this season 😉. Get started here.

Schedule alert: This is possibly the last newsletter you'll be getting from me this year. Thank you for sticking around. I may be closing out for the year, but I'm available for enjoyment, merriment and the copious amounts of proteinous accompaniments. Invite me to your Christmas parties, people.
More importantly, I'm available to talk sponsorship for the forLoop Africa community with you. Hit me up here, and I'll holla back.

To catch up on all upcoming dev related events, be sure to check the link. Also, if someone cool forwarded this to you, you can just subscribe here to get it in your inbox, going forward. Want to read the archive? Here you go.

This newsletter was written under the influence of my Christmas playlist.

Have a mind-blowing holiday, and see you in 2019!

Jennifer Onwudiwe.

Retired Superhero. Editor.

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