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The joys of sharing the wonderful everyday

Many of us share for financial reasons and would love to have our own place, if we could afford it. Doing as you please and having the house to yourself can feel so good – but then, we do miss out on so many things. Living with someone always brings new perspective to our life, new interests and points of view, and most of all joint experiences. Life has so much to offer which many times we don’t fully explore if we are by ourselves. Sharing a meal is just so much better than eating (and cooking) by yourself. A BBQ on a summer evening, popping down to the local pub for a spontaneous drink, watching a good film together. Even though we all have times when we’d much rather have our peace and quiet, life becomes just so much richer when we share it. See who is looking to share their everyday joys with an equally friendly housemate.

Nick & Eva

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Neal, Winchmore Hill
Lovely en-suite double, close to park and well connected. £750pm
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Rob, Bristol
Room in family home on largely private top floor incl. sauna. £750pm
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Sarah, South London
Quiet room in spacious house with mum & son, plenty of privacy. £750pm
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Daniel, Leicester
Great value room in tidy, stylish home, enjoy good company. £500pm
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Kari, West London
Looking for a friendly housemate, garden flat in Queen's Park. £940pm
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Alistair, Exeter area
Bright room with office or TV room, ideal for WFH. £600pm
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