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How to create an appealing co-living space

Purpose-built co-living spaces are becoming increasingly popular and many of our members are interested in exploring the idea further. Whilst in theory it sounds quite easy to create a home with communal areas that people share to come together for meals, chats, or work, and combine it with a set of rooms for personal use – creating a real sense of community isn’t always that straight-forward. We’ve talked to interior designer Nuria Prieto on her view on how to design appealing co-living spaces – and how to turn them into places where communities can come together and really engage. She also has some useful tips on how to make your own place more homely and suitable for sharing. 

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Mike, Caterham
Often travelling for work but home most weekends, easy-going & friendly guy.
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Kate, SW London
Nanny looking for fun-loving buddies, enjoy food, music and company.
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Kimmi, Swansea
Looking for like-minded housemates. Enjoy travel and the outdoors.
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Claudia, Frome (Som)
Just finished a Masters and starting a job soon. Love travel & sports.
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Anguel, London
Professional into arts, tech, politics, looking for an easy-going share. 
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CMurdoch, Glasgow
NHS professional, very laid back and happy to socialise over a meal.
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