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Friendly housemates looking for a welcoming home

With cost of living going up, many people are opting for house sharing to cut their day to day living expenses. We see a wider variety of locations people are looking in, especially in smaller towns across the country. Good news for anyone renting out a room in their house.  

Take a look at all our housemates who signed up recently. Sally who's returning to the UK after living in Chile for 5 years and could even consider a house swap if you are up for a little adventure abroad, Frank who is looking for an equally caring and friendly person to share in Hastings, or sociable 'Violettey' who's looking for people over 50 in the West Midlands. Type in a whole region or county when looking for a housemate in your area on the website and it will bring up all people looking in the wider area.

Enjoy finding someone suited to your own personality and lifestyle. Have a great Sunday!  
Nick & Eva

All housemates looking for a room

Housemates actively looking for rooms:

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Sally, Cambridge area
Returning to London after 5 years in Chile. Me & well-behaved dog Billie.
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Violettey, West Midlands
Looking for housemates over 50. Sociable & tidy with an active lifestyle. 
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Frank, Hastings
Caring personality, looking for an equally friendly housemate.
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Sandy, London
Looking for easy-going independent housemate. Enjoy a clutter-free home.
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John, Warrington
Looking for a room as soon as possible. Easy to get on with.
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Dinda, Bournemouth
Looking for a comfortable and safe home with relaxed housemates.
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All housemates looking for a room
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