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Is it ok not to socialise with your housemates?

Housemates often describe themselves as either introvert or extrovert, to set an expectation of how much they want to socialise. Whilst the majority probably sits somewhere in the middle, balancing time to themselves with catching up over a coffee or meal, there is often an unspoken expectation that housemates should socialise and spend a lot of time together. Most of us lead busy lives with work, family, hobbies and a long to do list waiting for us each day - and often we just want to put our feet up at the end of the day. Go for it and make time for yourself, then socialising with your housemates when you are really in the mood for it will be even more enjoyable. 

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Eva & Nick

Housemates actively looking for rooms:

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Claire, London
Kind and considerate introvert, looking for a place with lots of privacy. 
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Paul, Whitstable
Change in circumstances. Easy-going & friendly personality. 
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Janey, South London
Sociable and friendly, enjoy a glass of wine together after work. 
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Malcolm, near Edinburgh
Enjoy the outdoors, hard-working, positively minded and reliable. 
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Rob, West Sussex
Work hard during the week but sociable at weekends. 
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Zoe, Penzance
Looking to make new friends but also enjoy my own space.
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