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The joys of sharing the wonderful everyday

For many of us, one of the main reasons for sharing is to earn a little extra income and to split the bills, but we quite like our privacy and the way we are used to doing things on our own. Having the house all to yourself does feel good – but then, we do miss out on so many things. Living with someone always brings new perspective to our life – new interests and points of view, and most of all joint experiences. Life has so much to offer which many times we don’t fully explore if we are by ourselves. Sharing a meal is just so much better than eating (and cooking) by yourself. A BBQ on a summer evening, popping down to the local pub for a spontaneous drink, watching a good film together. Even though we all have times when we’d much rather have our peace and quiet, life becomes just so much richer when we share it. See who is looking to share their everyday joys with an equally friendly housemate.

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Eva & Nick

Housemates actively looking for rooms:

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Maya, Wells (Som)
Creative looking for real connection with others and place near nature.
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Shirley, South London
Friendly NHS worker. Busy life but always enjoy a good chat. 
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Edward, Manchester
Easy-going and quiet. Love the arts, outdoors and good conversation. 
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John, Woking
Respectful and reliable gentleman looking for a new place to share.
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Rosemarie, London
Just moved to London, looking to make new friends and share cost. 
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Philippa, Bristol
Mature professional looking for a room with en-suite Mon to Fri. 
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