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FYI - to join the SCCSA AGM
Zoom Code for SCCSA AGM on Nov. 26, 2022, 2-4 pm
click on link to join Zoom Meeting at appropriate time:

Meeting ID: 831 1871 6734
Passcode: 621462

SC Community Solar Association AGM Agenda
Nov. 26, 2022, 2 to 4 pm by Zoom
Intro/Adopt AGM Agenda
Guest speaker Amanda Amaral, SD46
Business portion of AGM begins:
  1. Approve last AGM minutes from Nov. 13, 2021
  2. Reports:
a) Cody/Megan fund-raising
b) Financial
c) Summer Interns and Energy audits
d) SPCA & Heritage Playhouse updates
e) Membership
  1. New Business, if any
  2. Elections for 2022-2023 SCCSA Board of Directors*
* in order to streamline the elections the following two Motions are being proposed:

Motion 1: that a slate of board of directors for the 2022-23 term be voted on by the membership rather than holding eight individual board of director elections at the 2022 AGM.

Motion 2: that the following people be elected as Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association directors for 2022-2023:  Gordon Bishop, Liam Bonser, Cody Kelso (youth director), Megan Kelso, Gayle Neilson, Gerry Pageau, Daniel Tardif, Maggie Xie

Any SCCSA member can nominate another SCCSA member from the floor at the AGM to be elected individually. If more than 3 people are nominated from the floor, a 'secret ballot' process will be set up for voting, as the SCCSA Board of Directors is limited to 11 people.


SC Community Solar Association AGM Minutes from Nov. 13, 2021, (by Zoom)
 (to be approved)
Intro/Adopt AGM Agenda – Gerry/Gayle - adopted
Cody had a power point outlining the highlights of his walk from Gibsons to Powell River that raised over $20,000 for solar panels for the SPCA roof
Diana Sollner of the BCSEA thanked Cody as his initiative also raised over $10,000 for that 
organization, and discussed some of the advocacy work they have done to promote renewable energy
Business portion of AGM 
  1. Approve AGM minutes from Nov. 30, 2020 Megan/Gerry/Approved
  2. Directors report – Gord went over the highlights of the past year
  3. Financial report – Gerry presented the Financial report – Megan/Donovan/approved
  4. SPCA Project – the solar panels are producing a lot of power and discussions with SPCA are attempting to pin down when additional energy/cost savings will be done, like heat pumps
  5. SCRD Project – Gerry went over one of the reports completed for the SCRD – very detailed – people expressed gratitude for his work with the hope that the SCRD will use the data well
  6. Membership – Gayle – 50 up-to-date-members but it would be nice to have more considering our newsletter goes out to over 500 people; each newsletter brings in a subscriber or two; recommended to plan for developing business memberships
  7. New Business: 
- Phase 2 SPCA – Heat Pumps should be in by spring 2022
-  Gibsons Heritage Theatre – Gerry will do an evaluation
- Habitat for Humanity – Andria raised this re: solar panels could help with costs – Olson Electric will pre-wire their new builds for solar panels
- discussion of St. Hilda’s church – Donovan is working with their committee looking into energy efficiency 
  1. Elections for 2021-22 SCCSA Board of Directors; 
Moved by Gayle Neilson and seconded by Gerry Pageau that the following members be elected as a slate for the 2021-2022/ Carried
Gord Bishop, Andria Christensen, Brad Ferguson, Cody Kelso (youth member),
Megan Kelso, Gayle Neilson, Dennis Olson, Gerry Pageau, Donovan Whistler


A reminder that only paid-up members can vote or stand for the board of directors: $20 per year or $10 for those with limited budgets. Go to the SCCSA web page and follow the membership link: 
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