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Wednesday, June 2, 2017

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PEG is a non-partisan volunteer organization whose mission is to assure that our government will treat all Americans with equality and acceptance.

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29 weeks down, 75 weeks to mid-term elections.
Congress is in recess.

Events You Should Know About


Events You Should Know About

Friday, June 2. Wear Orange on the 3rd National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

The Ann Arbor mayor has declared June 2 as a day in memory of friends, neighbors, and relatives who have been victimized by gun violence. Click here to read more about the sponsoring organization, Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America.


Saturday, June 3. Attend a rally and march for Gun Violence Awareness. State Representative Donna Lasinski, U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell, Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie, and others will be speaking. Beginning in the Community High School parking lot, across from the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, 315 Detroit St, Ann Arbor, 10–11:15 a.m. Click here to read more about the sponsoring organization, Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America.

Saturday, June 3. March for Truth. A large coalition of progressive organizations is calling for a #MarchForTruth, to raise our voices and let our elected leaders know that Americans want answers. The legitimacy of our democracy is more important than the interests of any party, or any president. Let’s rise together to call for a fair and impartial investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia and demand the pursuit of truth.

Marches are being held in more than 50 cities across the country so far, including Detroit. No march has yet been organized for Ann Arbor. Sign up to host one here.

Saturday, June 3, June 17 and July 1. Volunteer to help distribute One Human Family yard signs at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market. They could use at least one person who can transport materials to the farmers' market and return them to ICPJ during office hours. Sign up online for shifts from 9 am–1 pm. Sign up here. Questions, call (734) 663-1870 or email


Saturday, June 3. Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition of Immigrant Rights fundraiser. A night of music, drinks, food and fun. 344 Eighth St., Ann Arbor, 48103. 5–9 pm. Tickets and more info here.


Saturday, June 3. My Body, My Bills: Decoding Legislation and Lobbying Your Reps. Join volunteers of the Planned Parenthood of Ann Arbor Legislative Action Committee for a day of education, activities, and action. Attendees will also be joined by special guest speaker State Representative Kristy Pagan (D-Canton). Come learn about legislation in Michigan posing risks to women’s health and how you can fight back and make your voice heard. Eastern Michigan University Student Center, 900 Oakwood St., Ypsilanti, 10:30 am. More information here.

Monday, June 5. State Representative Donna Lasinski 52nd House District.
Coffee hour to discuss what’s happening in Lansing and in Washtenaw County. Saline District Library, 555 N. Maple Road, Saline, 6–7 p.m.


Monday, June 5. Get a Washtenaw ID at 1:30 pm. PEG invites you to join our members in supporting the immigrant community by applying for a Washtenaw ID card at the Vital Records Division at the Office of the County Clerk, 200 N. Main Street,Ann Arbor. When you get that ID, a legitimate alternative to a driver’s licence, you legitimize all those who must rely on this kind of ID. Learn more at

Wednesday, June 7. Oppose Anti-sanctuary Bills HB 4105 and 4334. Join us in Lansing for a rally and then attend the public hearing. Also you can submit written testimony and call the committee members to ask that they vote AGAINST these bills. Hosted by WICIR Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights. Anderson House Office Building, 124 N. Capitol Ave., Lansing, 48933. Meet in front 11 am. Public hearing at noon. Click here for more info.


Friday, June 9 through Saturday, June 10, THE ARENA SUMMIT

“Think of the Arena Summit as equal parts spring training, group therapy, summer camp and speed dating for progressives…The goal: to train a field team of inexperienced candidates, face hard truths about the past, forge lasting bonds between local communities and help disparate organizations find their perfect match.” – WIRED Magazine

Cobo Center, 1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, 48226. Friday, June 9, 3:30 pm to Saturday, June 10, 7 pm.

Sunday, June 25 - PEG Speaker Series. Washtenaw County Sheriff Clayton will speak on "Immigration-related Enforcement Issues in Washtenaw County." Sheriff Clayton is nationally recognized for contributions in this area and has done briefings in Washington D.C. Morris Hall in the Pittsfield Township Administrative Building, 6201 West Michigan Ave., Ann Arbor, 3 pm.



Sunday, June 25 - The Gender Equity and Health/Planned Parenthood PEG Action Circle invites everyone to join their efforts.

   Carol Dickerman and Vicki Patraka are the group's facilitators and Barbara Hooberman is liaison to Planned Parenthood. At the May 21 PEG meeting, the group worked on ways to broaden its theme and appeal without losing its initial focus.

   The Action Circle went on to create two goals for future work:

  • Keep Planned Parenthood from being defunded

  • Retain affordable comprehensive health care at the state level.

    Anyone interested in joining the Action Circle is invited to email the facilitators about their interest in advance of the June 25 meeting. Vicki Patraka, and Carol Dickerman


Things to do at Any Time

Advocate to preserve the Science Budget. Learn what you can do.


✍ ☏ Contact your Representative in Lansing ASAP to ask that they oppose anti-welcoming cities legislation: Click here to read full article. Lawmakers should not pass legislation that disrupts the relationship between police and the communities they serve.


Get a Washtenaw ID. WICR (Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition of Immigrant Rights recommends that all who wish to support the immigrant community should apply for a Washtenaw ID card for their own. When you get that ID, a legitimate alternative to a driver’s licence, you legitimize all those who must rely on this kind of ID. Learn more at


Interesting Things to Read, Watch and Listen To

View last month’s PEG program on "Islamophobia: The Real Threat."
Steve Mustapha Elturk, Imam and President of the Islamic Organization of North America, IONA, detailed how the government's actions are affecting Muslims in America and the assault on the basic human rights of American citizens, residents and visitors of the Muslim faith in this country. View the program and others here.


Watch Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, and Stephanie Chang, State Representative of House District 6, speak on “The Environmental Implications of the Trump Budget” at the April PEG meeting. Watch here.


Read “The Republicans’ War on Medicaid” (The New Yorker) Read more.

Articles regarding The President’s Proposed Budget


  • Drastic Cuts to Medicaid in Proposed 2018 Budget. The NIH, the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health IT, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) — specifically the Medicaid program — all saw drastic cuts in the just-released president's proposed 2018 budget on Tuesday. In addition, the administration's overhaul of safety net programs eclipses any proposals in recent decades. MedPage Today


  • Latest Proposed Budget Cuts Could “Cripple” U-M Research. The NIH supplied 58 percent of the University of Michigan’s federal research funding in 2016. The proposed budget would cut 20 percent of NIH funding and would “cripple research in areas as diverse as biomedical devices to potential cures for disease to health care policy.” MLive


  • Budget Proposal Takes Broad Aim at Undocumented Immigrants. President Trump’s first budget offers up dramatic policy shifts and hundreds of millions of dollars to clamp down on undocumented immigrants living in the United States, denying them tax credits, jobs and haven, while funding a deportation force and flights home for those being removed. The New York Times


  • Trump Budget Proposal Would Circumvent Courts to Target Undocumented Immigrants. Learn how language tucked into the budget is language that would allow the administration to defund sanctuary cities. Mother Jones


  • 2018 Budget Proposal Would Bar Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from receiving federal funds that help pay for health-care services for millions of Americans. The Washington Post



  • The White House Justification for Its Budget Proposal. There are taxpayers and then there are people who use social programs, and the two are not only not the same people, the groups don’t even overlap. The Washington Post


Review of Michigan’s Emergency Manager Act (PA 463 of 2012)
as a Violation of the Federal Voting Rights Act Is Being Sought. In Bellant v. Snyder (USSC docket No. 16-1207) plaintiffs argued that PA 463 removed authority from locally elected officials and gave it to a person appointed without the input or consent of the voters. It was decided by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the plaintiffs lost. But plaintiffs are asking the Supreme Court to review this decision. In early May, the Michigan Civil Rights Commission filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court supporting that position. Governor Rick Snyder, who appoints the Commission, remains a staunch defender of the law, so the filing of the amicus brief is something of a rebuke to the governor. Stay Tuned!

The American Dream Is Fading Everywhere, But Almost Nowhere Faster Than Michigan. For three generations, the odds of outearning your parents has dropped. Today, a young person’s odds of climbing higher than their parents are no better than a coin flip. Read full story.


Yo-Yo Ma and Obama Appointee Aaron Dworkin Make Historic and Powerful Case for the Arts. Click here to read.


Read Full Text of Washtenaw County's New Immigration Policies here.


U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In. Read more.


The War on Women. While the media chases scandals, Republicans threaten women’s health and reproductive rights. Two Republican women breaking ranks made it necessary for Vice President Pence to cast the tiebreaking vote to force the bill through. The Washington Post


The health-care bill that passed the House would leave 23 million more Americans uninsured by 2026, CBO concludes. The Washington Post

Listen to “Gerrymandering: America’s Most Dangerous Maps?” Gerrymandering: America’s Most Dangerous Maps?

Zuckerberg-Backed Data Trove Exposes the Injustices of Criminal Justice. Read the Wired article here.


Trump Administration Plans to Minimize Civil Rights Efforts in Agencies. Read how here.


The Implications of Comey’s Firing from a Conservative Perspective.


How Housing Subsidies are Fueling Inequality. Mortgage interest deductions and other subsidies are going to people who don't need them. Read more here.


New Data Shows a Sharp Increase in U.S. Protest Activity in April. The Washington Post.


Protectors of Equality in Government (PEG) has endorsed 11 organizations. A short description of and a link to each organization can be found on the PEG website:

Please check out the list and choose those of interest to you for action.

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To contact us via email, click here To follow us on facebook, click here. To be on PEG’s contact list, click here. Please forward this newsletter to others you think might be interested in being part of the effort to maintain equality and acceptance in our government.

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