The Ranch's Creative Director Allie Ro Wilson will be giving a PPT sermon via American Underground's online learning series this WEDNESDAY, 2/17th 10am MST. (For free!)

"How to Revive a Dead Slide"

We've been doing this for a while now—we get a call in the final hour of surgery (meetings), marketers frustrated with all info they're trying to communicate into just a handful of slides. 

Not to be dramatic...but we kinda consider ourselves PowerPoint surgeons. 😎

And consider this a PSA to let ya'll know about the FREE knowledge our very own McDreamy is about to drop WEDNESDAY—sign up and see deets below! 

!!! GIVEAWAY !!!

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We know we're not actually Grey's Anatomy heroes. But I asked Allie where this autopsy analogy came from and she brought up the game, Operation.
"Because, in a way, it's a surgical procedure to work your way to the meat of a slide; to get to the core of what REALLY needs to be communicated."
She says "Sometimes the delete key can be your best design tool! It’s about gently whittling away what isn’t necessary to expose the most memorable takeaway."
The main killer is trying to jam more than one big idea into a slide (or, even worse, MANY ideas into one slide). 💀
See below for a tease of the sick visuals you'll get in Wednesday's webinar. See you there!
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