People of the Pitch!

Today is our birthday.

Did you know in our FOUR whole years we haven’t updated the work on our website? Like, not once?? [Face palm emoji]

Some might call that laziness. Some might say a lot of our presentations are for super high stakes mega companies with secret product launches even we’re not allowed to disclose.

OR, you might just say that we haven’t updated our website in a long-ass time because we’ve been busy. Spoiler: it's all of the above.

In any case—ta daaah!!!

To celebrate our first four years of fun, we’ve put together a demo reel of some of our favorite new presentation design work.

And why yes, it was made entirely in PowerPoint. [Toots own horn]

GhostRanch turns 4 years young today. It's like our senior year of High School. Or our 28th year in dog time. 

We’ve enjoyed so many games of slide frisbee with our amazing clients that we just wanted to take the time to say, wow, thank you.

You've won our loyalty for life and we're more stoked than ever to keep it going. 

So, thank you to you and our partners for making the Ranch what it is today. To many more slides—and beyond!

Who visits websites anyway??
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