While the world continues on its seemingly endless ~cosmic pause~, we're waking up from a long 2020 nap.

And hot dang, presentation people are full steam ahead coming into the end of the year. Pretty much 100% of the GhostRanch esteemed client pool is either working on a super intense Q4 board meeting presentation, knee-deep in their Annual Sales Kickoff, or both.

If you're also in presentation prep mode, we bring gifts. 

TODAY, we're sharing a really powerful framework for creating presentations that hit the mark. We're zero-ing in on the brains and background behind the awesome blog post by Friend-of-the-Ranch and marketing extraordinaire, Deirdre Mahon.

On (and behind) the blog

You may think you've seen posts like this. But Deirdre breaks presenting down in a way that really resonates, with tactile steps for you to take now. An Irish native living in SF, she and I had a virtual chat and pretended we were in the pub with a few pints of the black stuff. 

Her street cred?
She's helped big league tech giants like Oracle to tiny startups get off the ground and running. She's spent years helping tech founders and innovators get to the heart of what matters in their marketing—aka their storytelling.

Deirdre also is the kind of writer that seamlessly uses words like "grok" that I had to Google because I only thought about Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. 

So, Deirdre. How do you layout a complex company story (ahem, @Tech Startup jargon) in just a few slides?
Getting your story down into a short sentence, succinctly is a hard thing to do! Deirdre suggests starting with the juicy stuff—what makes you unique? What sets you apart? Then, connect that to your target's need—the rest of your backstory can live in a bigger blog post down the road.

Who's doing this well?
iPhone is a perfect marketing case study for this that we don't even question. They don't tell you that they've squeezed amazing technology into a tiny computer for your pocket. They SHOW you what it's going to do for you and WHY you need it. 

What if you don't have evidence yet?
It's likely there are an infinite amount of existing thought leaders in your space—leverage that. Ask them to come WITH you and get onboard. There are loads of ways to collaborate online. Most tech/media blogger junkies would be happy to receive a DM.

People tend to be afraid of the competition but if you show up where they are, the closer you get to that "break-in" point. Open the curtain; let people know what you're doing. 

Don't get caught up in the pretty face.
Pitches need more than polish. With no solid story to stand on, your deck/pitch won't be believable or sustainable. 

What makes a good story? What makes it eye-catching?
1. The setup or the build up - gotta keep people hanging. But make it personal; bring it down to the human level so that folks can relate. Get your concepts on the ground.
2. A really good punch line helps too.

Get funny with it. Execute. GO FORTH, Zoom presenters! 

Pitch Spotlight: Deirdre Mahon
Pronounced "deer-dreh"  

A seasoned marketer, Deirdre Mahon's strengths lie in storytelling through engaging content that moves buyers, analysts, and the competition!

She loves to build and grow teams that take innovative products to market, disrupt the status quo, and generate value. Continuously balancing quantitative and qualitative goals, she strongly advocates the adoption of modern mar-tech across the buying cycle to deeply understand market dynamics.

Working closely with sales and product as one go-to-market team to create a strong brand is what motivates her every day. 
Connect with Deirdre on LinkedIn!

An expert's toolbox
Deirdre's media mix 


  • This accelerator does an amazing job on panel discussions, blogs, virtual (B2B) events and podcasts.

Desert Island Discs

  • BBC produced (of course), this podcast goes for in-depth profiles and asks the interviewee's choice of 8 albums they'd listen to over and over on a desert island. Brilliant.

Hubspot Blog 

  • If you're lacking inspo or at a loss for where to start, the Hubspot blog has probably already covered your ass. Punch what you're looking for into the search box and thank them for doing the work for you.

Fearless Communicators

  • A public speaking coaching agency with a "Story Doula Process"? You KNOW this content is going to deliver both brains and brawn.



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